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ST: DTR Starfleet Technical Order Dunnottar

In the spirit of the old technical order sheets that I used to stare at for hours, I present the Technical Order sheet for the Dunnottar.

STAR TREK: DUNNOTTAR, a series set primarily in the ‘Deep Space Nine’ and post novel era of STAR TREK lore, follows a team of Starfleet officers who take command of the USS Dunnottar. The Dunnottar is a front-line battleship, built by Starfleet, during a time of what seems to be constant conflict. The ship is crewed by mostly young officers who have learned the ways of Starfleet in a time which has tested the very ideals that the Federation was built upon. Many within Starfleet will wish to return to a time of exploration but they also realize how ill prepared Starfleet was for the recent conflicts. That must not happen again. Following the events of the Dominion War the Dunnottar is assigned to explore an area of space known as the Arthenn Expanse. An uncharted area filled with ancient civilizations and an evil that has been hidden from the galaxy since the days that the mysterious race known as the Travelers used ships to travel the stars. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Dunnottar.

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The Star Trek: Dunnottar idea began around ‎2008 by Darren Keith and is based in the amazing universe created by Gene Rodenberry.
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This would be beautiful as a 3D render.

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Why does it feel as though this ship has some sort of multi-vector assault mode like the Prometheus class? lol
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I originally planned for a multi-vector assault mode but built into the story that the it had not been implemented into this variant due to a number off issues involving the armament carried.
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I thought as much, lol. The design of the nacelles kinda gave it away, lol
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