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I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle Fanart

By DKDevil
So I was recently linked to this awesome and fun little webcomic:

I fell in love with it all, so what better way to confess my appreciation than with a piece of fan art?

Here we have Jeanie, an unfortunate (or very fortunate) sap that came across a genie bottle that turned him into a genie!

And Neil? Well he's one of Jeanie's friends who happens to get turned into a girl pretty often! Seriously check out the comic! :D

Huge thanks to CDRudd for his awesome comic.
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dalekdude11's avatar
this comic series is so funny
DKDevil's avatar
aye, it's a fun one~
coredumperror's avatar
Speaking of which, have you been keeping up to date with IDOJB recently? :)
DKDevil's avatar
I haven't been keeping up with much of anything lately @.@
coredumperror's avatar
That's too bad. I hope you get some free time to have fun at some point. :)
CallieThunder's avatar
nicely done, I also am a fan of CDRudd's I dream of Jeanie bottle
DKDevil's avatar
Its a really fun comic :D
ozwick's avatar
Ah, this would be the early TV Jeannie, who didn't have a navel.
HeIrouis's avatar
Great job man! (thank you too for the mentions on the other pieces and journal >_<)
I should drop by your Stream more often.
DKDevil's avatar
I stream every weekday! I just haven't set a regular time yet.

You're welcomed to drop by anytime :D
IAmGenie's avatar
No, I want you to turn me into a genie too!
DKDevil's avatar
haha, I'm not sure Neil would want that after meeting Lord Guano. XD
IAmGenie's avatar
Oh I'm not talking about Neil...I mean ME =)
DKDevil's avatar
oh ho ho! That'd be a fun experience :D
IAmGenie's avatar
Yes, it would! So can I get that wish?? ;)
DKDevil's avatar
Only if you grant me 3 of yours once the deed is done!
IAmGenie's avatar
I will grant you all the wishes you want! ;)
Malt8's avatar
I love that comic myself. Very nice. :3
DKDevil's avatar
It was a really fun read :D
coredumperror's avatar
What an awesome depiction of Jeanie! 
CDRudd's avatar
Sw, it looks awesome DK. 
Phuge thanks. Always enjoy fanart
DKDevil's avatar
I'm really really glad you like it! :D
animal-delos's avatar
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