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Yule Ball Dress Spoof



Now how I came up with this idea was kind of funny, I remembered when Goblet of Fire first came out, everyone was expecting Hermione's blue dress, but after they saw Emma Watson in pink (especially the hard core fans) they were brutal! They kept saying how the idiots in the studio got the dress color wrong, or that Emma looked hideous in the dress, you know, BLUE BLUE BLUE! Well, I have to admit I was expecting blue, but hey, I thought Emma was just gorgeous in the pink, so I have no complaints. But since fans are still complaining, it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty, hence how the 2 fairies, Flora (pink) and Merryweather (blue) fought over on what color Aurora's dress should be. So here is the spoof, Hermione deciding what dress to wear (book vs. movie) with the help of Sleeping Beauty's Flora and Merryweather. I had a lot of fun with this pic. Hope you enjoy!
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When I see someone always complaining about Hermione in pink dress at the Yule Ball (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - movie) just because it was blue in the book: