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Batman: The Comedian's Taboo (final) by Dkalban Batman: The Comedian's Taboo (final) :icondkalban:Dkalban 31 6 Batman: The Comedian's Taboo pgs 1-14 by Dkalban Batman: The Comedian's Taboo pgs 1-14 :icondkalban:Dkalban 17 10 Batman: The Comedian's Taboo pgs 1-9 by Dkalban Batman: The Comedian's Taboo pgs 1-9 :icondkalban:Dkalban 29 23 Ronin by Sabrerine911 by Dkalban Ronin by Sabrerine911 :icondkalban:Dkalban 31 6 Happy Birthday Joseph (Dan!) by Dkalban Happy Birthday Joseph (Dan!) :icondkalban:Dkalban 20 5
Batman-Fallen Angel, Part 3
Page 1
Panel 1
Sam runs, weeping, out of the back deck of Wayne Manor
Bruce: *off panel* Sam, get back here this instant!
Bruce: *narrating* When my parents died, I felt my world had collapsed.
Panel 2
Bruce and Alfred come onto the deck, seeing Sam fleeing to the woods.
Alfred: Sir, the shock at hearing the news--
Bruce: I know, Alfred.
Bruce: *narrating* Sam's world has just collapsed. His brother has been nearly killed by one of my allies--
Panel 3
Sam runs through the woods, pushing back branches
Bruce: *narrating* --and Joseph, in a living will, has named me Sam's caretaker.
Panel 4
Bruce starts chasing after Sam
Bruce: Duke is tracking Jean, have him call me when he's found something.
Alfred: I hope you can catch Master Sam quickly, sir--
Panel 5
Sam's foot trods on the rotten wooden crate blocking up the hole Bruce fell into when he was a boy
Alfred: (caption) --before he gets hurt!
Page 2
Panel 1
Sam falls through the wood
Sam: Ahhh!!!
Panel 2
He lands on the floo
:icondkalban:Dkalban 6 2
Man Of Steel 2 Story Treatment Idea
We open with a prologue on Krypton, in Argo City, mere months before Krypton exploded. It is under attack by the robotic armies of the entity we will know as Braniac. Zor-El is working feverishly when Jor-El calls him via Zor-El's robotic assistant. Jor-El informs Zor-El that Kandor has been "collected" by Brainiac, and that Zor-El and his family should flee to the ancestral home of the El family before Argo City is too. Zor-El disagrees and launches a probe that contains information and warnings to all Kryptonian colonies and individuals about Brainiac, as well as acting as an archive of all Kryptonian knowledge. Zor-El then confirms Jor-El's theories about the planet being on the edge of oblivion. Jor-El sees Zor-El is still working feverishly, and Zor-El reveals he is going to put the entire city into the Phantom Zone. Jor-El says that could kill everyone in the city, not to mention hasten Krypton's demise. Zor-El states he would prefer death in the Phantom Zone over eternal life st
:icondkalban:Dkalban 8 13
A Lesson In Humility
Note: This takes place during Joseph's Intro Arc and thus his relationship with the Bat Fam is mixed
"Did you meet with Ronin?" asked Batman. He and Red Robin were in the Belfry. Red Robin sat in front of the Belfry's Batcomputer, pulling up data.
"To 'help' with his anti-Penguin crusade? Yeah, I did; we took down a couple warehouses." Red Robin turned his chair to face his mentor. "Then I handed him the flash drive, like you told me too. Said it had more intel."
"Which was the truth."
"Yeah, didn't tell him about the hacking software in it. Now we can track him down and stop him before he gets himself hurt."
"Good, we don't need any amateurs running around Gotham."
Red Robin looked at the computer. "Hacking program is active, seems he's using the flash drive. Let's see what you're hiding, Mr. Ronin."
"Oh please," said a soft voice, "You could have just called."
Both turned to see the new vigilante, Ronin, standing in the middle of the belfry, tipping his hat. Without hesitation
:icondkalban:Dkalban 5 0
Sam Kane in Training (Earth 27) (Art by Phil Cho) by Dkalban Sam Kane in Training (Earth 27) (Art by Phil Cho) :icondkalban:Dkalban 22 21 Sleep Of The Just (art by Traum) by Dkalban Sleep Of The Just (art by Traum) :icondkalban:Dkalban 22 6
Ronin Animated Intro
Ronin Animated Intro
Page 1
Panel 1
4 Robbers run out of a building as sirens blare and flash
Panel 2
Ronin (a silhouette) watches them from the rooftops.
Panel 3
He swings after them.
Panel 4
The robbers end up in an alleyway.
Panel 5
Ronin lands behind them
Page 2
Panel 1
Splash of Ronin posing, staff in one hand, the other in a “bring it on” gesture.
Page 3
Panel 1
The robbers charge
Panel 2
Ronin jabs the first robber hard in the stomach
Panel 3
He then slams his staff hard across the first robber’s face
Panel 4
He ducks the second’s knife slash and jabs his staff hard in the thugs crotch
Panel 5
He then tosses out jitterbugs
Panel 6
He shocks the other two robbers into unconsciousness.
Page 4
Panel 1
He handcuffs the robbers
Panel 2
He looks up to see the Batsignal
Panel 3
He launches his grapnel as the police arrive.
Panel 4
He watches the police take away the robbers.
Panel 5
He leaps from a nearby gargoyle
:icondkalban:Dkalban 9 31
The Training of Sam Kane Timeline (art by Traum) by Dkalban The Training of Sam Kane Timeline (art by Traum) :icondkalban:Dkalban 10 2
Superman: Man of Tomorrow Issue 1: Distant Planet
Superman-The Man of Tomorrow
Issue 1-“Distant Planet”
Script by Daniel Kalban
Storytellers: Daniel Kalban and Kyler Clodfelter
Characters belonging to DC Comics
Page 1
Panel 1
We see the central plaza of Kryptonopolis, capital of Krypton. This sci-fi jewel of a city rises high to the sky, with art-deco skyscrapers combined with crystalline shapes. Most noticeable of all is the Council Building, which dominates the plaza behind the statue of a great explorer.
CAP: Kryptonopolis. Capital of Krypton. Jewel of Rao.
Council President Jan-Il: (from inside the building) This council will be called to order!!
Page 2
Panel 1
The interior of the council chamber. Seven Kryptonians in their robes (combine Birthright style robes with the Donner shining robes) sit on a dais flanked by armed guards. Of note on the right end (facing the reader) should be Jor-El, interim head of the Science Guild. Council President Jan-Il is in the center of the dais in a raised seat. She is a
:icondkalban:Dkalban 15 21
The Eagle Issue 2 Pg 8 by Dkalban The Eagle Issue 2 Pg 8 :icondkalban:Dkalban 12 8 The Growth Spurt Of Sam (Art by Traum) by Dkalban The Growth Spurt Of Sam (Art by Traum) :icondkalban:Dkalban 68 19 Ronin Revamp (Art by Traum) by Dkalban Ronin Revamp (Art by Traum) :icondkalban:Dkalban 17 16


Gotham by jimf0123 Gotham :iconjimf0123:jimf0123 6 0 Daughters of the Dragon samples pg 3 by RevolverComics Daughters of the Dragon samples pg 3 :iconrevolvercomics:RevolverComics 3 0 XML HOMAGIN:AMUSE YOURSELVES by Sabrerine911 XML HOMAGIN:AMUSE YOURSELVES :iconsabrerine911:Sabrerine911 61 3 Bucky with goats post by DeanGrayson Bucky with goats post :icondeangrayson:DeanGrayson 36 3 Bride of #Frankenstein #commission by E-Blake Bride of #Frankenstein #commission :icone-blake:E-Blake 5 1 COMMISSION: DnD NPC Grace by Shono COMMISSION: DnD NPC Grace :iconshono:Shono 88 15 Edwin Paine (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Edwin Paine (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 67 11 Parasite by marioferro Parasite :iconmarioferro:marioferro 3 0
Edwin Paine

Legal Name
Edwin Paine
Known Aliases
None Living
Dead Boy Detectives: Founding Member
Date of Birth
January 1st, 1900

Amateur Detective
10th Grade Education and 100+ years of undead experience
Marital Status
Haunts Brentwood Academy

Human Revenant Spirit
Hair color
Eye color
Yellow (Green in life)
5'8" / 1.73 m
1900 - 1916
Edwin Paine was born in England but came to America at the age of twelve with his parents after his father was hired by a prestigious law firm in Gotham City (Lawford, Lydecker, and Hardwicke). Edwin was enrol
:iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 11 3
The Iron Man by Aiko04 The Iron Man :iconaiko04:Aiko04 20 1 WOTM-CH03-Demonization Page 12 by Foxy-Knight WOTM-CH03-Demonization Page 12 :iconfoxy-knight:Foxy-Knight 13 10 Batman 80th Anniversary by Yantonoliong Batman 80th Anniversary :iconyantonoliong:Yantonoliong 19 2 Madame Fatal 2019 by DevinQuigleyArt Madame Fatal 2019 :icondevinquigleyart:DevinQuigleyArt 15 2 DC Couples- Joker and Harley Quinn by CristianGarro DC Couples- Joker and Harley Quinn :iconcristiangarro:CristianGarro 17 1 Omac and Red Hood by Tonywashingtonart Omac and Red Hood :icontonywashingtonart:Tonywashingtonart 140 4
Roy Reimagines... TMNT
So it is now time for my most requested "Roy Reimagines Something" journal. It is time to tackle the Heroes in a Half-Shell.
First let me begin my telling you how much of a diehard shellhead I am. The Turtles got me interested in superheroes through their original cartoon, early arcade games, and the movie adaptations. I kinda checked out of the franchise for a while until the CGI TMNT movie restored my interest and then later along came Nickelodeon's 2012 to 2017 series which was a series I loved to watch with my daughter, convincing me to check out the newest IDW comic series.
So that establishes my influences. Now would I bring them into Earth-27? Honestly? I would love to, I just don't know if I should. That said, I know both Phil and I would love to do that so of the fanbase likes my ideas here, we might just do that... so sit back, grab a slice of pizza, and let's dive in here to "What if the Ninja Turtles showed up in Earth-27?"
Background Idea
The Safinat Dakhma, or the League
:iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 28 32


This is really exciting and well done. You were able to adapt to the current continuity with aplomb, and you were able to fold your ide...

This is amazing :D Lizzie sounds like an adorable badass full of vim, vigor and potential. She also overcomes great adversity and has a ...

Given changes in canon and continuity, should I revise my Superboy solo series pitch?… 

7 deviants said Yes
4 deviants said I want more Ronin related stuff
1 deviant said No
No deviants said ?


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well might be calling it an early night tonight lol.

But time to reflect on some milestones.

-Got a new job! And my first full time one at that
-Got American Dreams #1 published (finally!)
-Attended my first con as a writer (thanks Kathryn)
-Got AD #2 almost completed and #3 started
-Collabing on various new projects with great people

Here's to 2019! (And the horror of turning 30)


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