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BioShock Cosplayers @ DragonCon Parade 2012

BioShock Cosplayers @ DragonCon Parade 2012
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wow I love the costumes if I saw them I would pay to have my picture with them, I'm a huge rapture and Big Daddy fan
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This is just perfect!!

Parenting done right!

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Probably one of the coolest team cosplays I have ever seen XD
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Yeah! It's Amazing!!

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Did the drill work can't remember can't find the video
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Everyone else was envious as they walked through. :P
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~shadowneco, yes we have been there a few times.
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awesome!! I love it
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nice bouncer costume!
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That's my sister!! We have been trying to track down this photographer! tn-scotsman, I think you saw this at the same moment I saw it! This is one of my favorite pictures to come out of Dragon Con this year other than our amazing Delta pictures :-)
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where you guys at the Atlanta Aquarium at one point?  
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Well I'm glad you finally tracked me down! ^_^ I just remember seeing them walk down the parade, thinking to myself I have to get this shot, so I'm glad it turned out so well. :) Of course with such epic cosplays I think nearly any picture would do them justice.
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You truly were able to catch such a perfect moment in this picture. You were able to capture the entire Big Daddy costume, the little sister's expression is perfect, their feet are actually in sink with each other, and they were holding hands. Thank you so very much for taking this picture and posting it!
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You are too kind. ^_^ Thanks.
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