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Sadly commissions are closed

First off, please be specific from the beginning what you want. Provide reference with your idea and BE PRECISE. You WILL BE CHARGED extra for any editing after the piece is completed.

sketches (line drawings, very gestural and LOOSE) Normally no background.

Tight Line drawings ( pretty much done and clean with or without a Background)

Finished Colors (character colored and finished, with our with out a background)

I will accept paypal only. And price will be discussed in the note.


Heya guys! 8D

There 12in by 18in (or around there and we can go bigger or smaller) on thick high quality glossy photo paper 8DDD they will be 15 dollars each (plus shipping costs) If you order three or more its five dollars off.

So shoot a Note or a email to dark_kenjie_prints@yahoo.com with the following information



Mailing Address:

Prints:  Name of print (how many), Name of print (how many) etc.


Name: Bob Dillon

Email: Awesome-O@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:  19434 home way  Los Angles 98456 CA

Prints:    Princess Mononoke (2), Older Toph VS Older Zuko (1)

I will accept paypal only.

Available prints

Cowboy Bebop -colored- by DjWelch Avatar Finn by DjWelch Juggernaut -Colored- by DjWelch Pokemon Catch em all -colors- by DjWelch The God of Thunder by DjWelch World War Hulk vs Juggernaut by DjWelch Toph - Where is SHE -Colored- by DjWelch Wolverine - Old Man Logan by DjWelch Howls Moving Castle +COLORED+ by DjWelch Avatar Season 4 poster by DjWelch Spirited Away by DjWelch Howls Moving Castle +COLORED+ by DjWelch Older Toph VS Older Zuko by DjWelch Princess Mononoke by DjWelch Thundercats-Lion-O VS Mumm-Ra by DjWelch Avatar Aang by DjWelch Azula -Im free- by DjWelch Fire Lord Zuko by DjWelch Sokka - You took her by DjWelch FLCL - Lord Canti by DjWelch Katara - I'll show you by DjWelch Aang - Cosmic Energy Tickles by DjWelch Iroh - Dragon of the West by DjWelch Darkstalkers -BRAWL- by DjWelch South Park -Lets Fighting Love by DjWelch Sokka and Foofocuddlypoops by DjWelch Ohhh Iroh...      Colored by DjWelch Totoro: 'and help them grow' by DjWelch I am MELON LORD by DjWelch Samurai Champloo ICED by DjWelch KenjieWerewolf LVA zz Cover by DjWelch Korra by DjWelch Mega-Man Tribute: Game On by DjWelch Spirited Away -Falling For You by DjWelch

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You talk business in your commissions that's cool bro.