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Comic con was a blast!

I got to meet cool new people and run around showing off my portfolio for jobs haha Im still getting back into the swing of things from all those cons.

This was a picture commissioned by :iconethereal-glutton: (Avatar Mom) for the Avatar Fan panel to give it to Dante Basco (voice actor of Zuko and General Iroh)

After the panel, we were being escorted out by the Cabbage merchant and he invited me back to the pro room and asked me to sign it from him. Which took a while because he was getting mauled by fans girls the whole way back, but he did sign most people stuff.

Anyway I hope you dig it!

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I love this artwork so much! :heart: I love how his hair looks like it is moving in the wind, how the flames bent and curved like ribbon for a realistic affect and the dragon flying overhead, really completes the whole piece for me! Also I love how he has a string or ribbon in a similar place on him as to where the whiskers are the dragon. But his abs are also very realistic as well, which makes this lovely to look at overall. Because Zuko is hot in both senses of the word! ouo
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ohmg!! Q lindo!! Handspazz GIF 
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Wow I really like the perspective you used in it! *_* Zuko's body. The flames are rather realistic :)
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Damn you Zuko, you sexy bastard!
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Aaaaaand there go my ovaries.
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Fighting Fire, with Fire !
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Do you do speedpaint videos?
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This is so awesome!!
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This is hot in every possible way. Awesome work!
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you're not credited in here

well maybe you not even gaved your authorization to do it ^^

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-scrolls through Avatar fanart while mumbling to herself-
I don't like Zuko's old haircut, his new hair looks so hot on him---
-scrolls past this one-
Ooooh, topless :3
I'm in heaven
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cool and hot XD
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