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World War Hulk vs Juggernaut



Who do you have your money on? :)

Here are two of my favorite Marvel cats duking it out 8D the heavy hitters. World war Hulk vs The Juggernaut. It did happen and it was awesome, I would love to do it again but I think its a fight to who can throw the other into space first lol

So like I said in my last deviation Im really trying to go to both sides of the spectrum, cartoony and rendering.

Anyway I hope you guys dig it and Wondercon is going great right now :)
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I really don't know who would win that one in a realistic match cause they're actually pretty even in terms of strength and abilities. Juggernaut can't die so long as Cyttorak gives him the power of the Juggernaut and Hulk is pretty much immortal too. Juggernaut's powers give him unlimited strength but Hulk seems to be pretty much there as well. I guess Hulk is a little smarter than Marko Cain (seriously, look at how Jugs typically loses. Tricked into running into the ocean or into space or something like that) unless we're talking about Banner-Hulk, then he's infinitely smarter. But I don't know if in an all-out brawl the Hulk could actually beat the Juggernaut. Once he gets moving he literally can't be stopped, not even by the Hulk. Both have had arcs where they're so unkillable and so overpowered that they end up the last living beings on the planet. So it's actually one heck of a match I'd wanna see decisively.I think the Hulk would eventually find a way to win but I don't think it could be by out-muscling the friggin' Juggernaut cause it just can't be done. If for no other reason than for the power of Juggernaut's ability to basically control all momentum. The Hulk has lost to Juggernaut more times than he's won but at the same time Marco Cain is not hard to outsmart at all. I'm sure Banner could find a way to outsmart The Juggernaut into beating himself. It would be really interesting!

MCU! We need this!