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Toph - Where is SHE -Colored-

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Here she is for all you who Voted 8D

Toph being the Awesome lady she is and getting her metal bending on. Zhao in hand, maybe he knows where newly free Azula is ?_?

More Older Gaang here…

I hope you dig it 8D
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Zhao doesn't know how lucky he is for having never met Toph.

Zhao was lucky for dying before her debut.
DoodleSketchGirl's avatar
What did Zhao do to get caught by Toph?
DavidFalcon's avatar
Loved the appearence you gave her, Amazingly Epic!
ReploidAvenger's avatar
This is really epic, plus Toph is my favorite character in Avatar.
KaitoYuuki's avatar
I dont want to be "she" o.o
Estonius's avatar
Killer scene and take on Toph!
Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
Zhao died in the North pole though o3o...erm...spoiler alert for those who have yet to see it. o3o;
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
nope his trapped in the spirit mist, and appears in book 2 of legend of korra
Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
...I've been told this already and I don't need to be reminded.-_- and excuse the heck out of me for not having seen the episode before posting the comment.-_-###
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
sorry, just thought you hadn't
SailorStarProtector's avatar
He didn't die, he got sent to the spirit world. He was sent to the Fog of Lost Souls by the Water Spirit.
K-Riddle's avatar
What if it was his soul there, without his physical body, like Iroh
SailorStarProtector's avatar
Meh, it's a possibility. 
K-Riddle's avatar
I think it is more likely, seeing as one physical body can't enter the spirit world unless the spirit portals are used. And considering they wouldn't be opened for another 71 years, it is the only real option left.
Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
Yeah sorry.I think I posted that before I saw legend of Korra since I hardly knew when it'd be on.Or I simply just forgot because I hate the twisted sunovadouche and i wanted him torn apart to millions of pieces.
AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
I like it. I strongly believe that Zhao did survive in "The Siege of the North" even though the creators have said he indeed died.
EdwardX1's avatar
I really don't see how he Zhao could've survived. 
AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
Well, I actually wrote a fanfic that serves as an alternate sequel to ATLA which retcons his fate and the graphic novels. I wrote it before ATLOK Book 2 began airing, so after Book 2 finished my theory of him surviving has been rendered moot.
marikazemus34's avatar
Worse. He's still hunting for the Avatar in a spirit asylum.
AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
Yeah, that's true. But I actually did a fanfic which retconned Zhao's fate from dead to survived the ordeal and my fanfic is my Earth-2 canon.
MiyuRisa13's avatar
O.O ...... Just..... She's just so cool....
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