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The Beast Within -colored-



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TaaDaa its Kenjie! This is something for my own story Im working on is my free time between work and freelance. Some of you may remember from a while back. Im revamping alot of the characters and there designs but for the most part this character didn't change, but the wolf has changed a bit.

What the story is about :

An ancient prophecy foretells of an engine of miracles, a machine that can grant one wish, anything the heart desires. The key and the map have been gone for centuries, forgotten in the annals of time. Two children born with etchings in their skin, a reminder of that very prophesy. A young boy, cursed with lycanthropy, devastates his village to satiate his bloodlust. After brutally murdering his father and sister, he cuts himself off from the rest of the world, living amongst the foliage of the surrounding woodlands. One day Kenjie finds himself in the metropolitan city “LVA zz”. There he becomes friends with a young girl with restorative powers named Rebeccah and an outlaw going by Drake. With his new found friends he is determined to rid himself of this terrible curse, and earn his right to a quasi-normal life by using up the world’s one wish.

other characters :thumb118065327:

I hope you dig it!

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