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Sokka - You took her

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Older Sokka! 8D

Has scares from the many awesome and magical adventures he has been on. Also has a betrothal necklace in hand.

More Older Gaang here…

Anyway hope you guys dig it ^__^
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Oh hell nah you can’t give him assumes haircut
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I'd love to see his backside(and I'm usually so innocent!). Maybe it will be just as sexy as I imagine it to be.
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His Boomer-Aang is quite small. You get the joke? Aang IS small.
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I wished we were able to get more action from soka. When the first show ended, I just expected soka to b even cooler then he was when he was a kid, but then I realized nothing special happened in his life except for him being a council member and being killed by a blood bender.
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Someone took his girl, I would suggest they surrender, but its too late.
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I think I know who it is 0.0 (check his right hand, recognize that piece of jewelry?)
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ooo even boomerang looks deadly 0-0
UnusSicutIgnisEtAqua's avatar
Nice :3 Sokka looks bad ass here!!! Protective older brother :D
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What do you mean "you took her"?
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 i dunno,maybe reffering to katara???(because of the necklace in his hand)
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Love Sokka's expression, overall shading and design of this. 
Brain-Dancer's avatar
Love the sword! 

The Comics leave out the fact that he is a master swordsman!
gordhanx's avatar
This is badass! Love the design, details, colours, shading, lighting, background and just the damn seriousness on Sokka's face.
Megabytze's avatar
He's got a little Highlander thing going on - love it!  Sokka's the best!
HELLHAMMER666's avatar
Sokka has that look on his face that says "You took my bride now I take your life" or "You have harmed those that I care about. I suggest you make peace with your God's because I am about to send you to meet them.".
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I like the first one better, short and simple. The second sounds a bit out of character for him, and that God doesn't exist in the Avatar world (lol). Imagine if Koh took his bride....oh shit would happen.
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Sokka! Gosh, I never thought he could be more awesome than he already was in ATLA. But this is gorgeous. So finally he grew up ^^
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