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The Legend Begins

Korra getting her awesome on, she can’t stop. She won’t stop, and honestly, I don’t think she even knows how to stop. Haha. But I really had a lot of fun with this piece.

All you guys who dont know about Korra, she is going to be the next Avatar in Nicks new series coming out sometime in 2012. (hopefully)

I'm excited I hope you guys are too! I’ll have large prints for sale at Fanime, AX and Comic Con but you can always order online here:…

Anyway I hope you guys dig it 8D

More ATLA artwork by me ...and everywhere else in my gallery
Older Toph VS Older Zuko by DarkKenjie Toph by DarkKenjie Azula -Im free- by DarkKenjie Avatar Season 4 poster by DarkKenjie

Korra belongs to Mike, Bryan and Nickelodeon.
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Remove double echo problem from name:'Kor_a the Avatar'.

Echo problem removed from social database using 'submit com.ent'.

database incremented by 1 entry. Nothing is removed. *inhalation*
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Sweet glow on the fire. :thumbsup:
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Come on! I LOVE IT.
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wow that looks so awesome so well doe for that =3
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This is EPIC! Great job, with the details, on the elements. I also really love the detailing on Korra, the shading, the colours and the background.
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Korra + 5 Elements = Boss. Korra is so flipping awesome!
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Can you explain how you made the water look so realistic? What layer affects did you use?
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Stunnin' work!
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My first time seeing this artwork, but I had watched I'm The Art Show, Deal With It! And they showed this artwork in the show [you can see a small clip of it at 0:57] →…
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What degree did you graduate with? What steps do I take to draw and paint as Good as you? Oh, LOVE YOUR ART WORK!!!
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Lol kaa mee haa... hehe..
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she forgot the wind did she?
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No it's to the right... you could tell because it's more cut edge (like when you see the animations for blades in anime) than the water on the left that flows
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