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April 4, 2009
Iroh - Dragon of the West by *DarkKenjie is a fantastic depiction of a wonderful Avatar character!
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Iroh - Dragon of the West

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The DRAGON OF THE WEST is back.. to the future..

If they showed that scene when he broke out it would have been awesome!! coloring coloring, coloring. all good practice ^__^

I like the burning hot hand it was fun.

Just finished coloring it hope you all dig it!

4h.HB pencil/8.5x11 Paper > PhotoshopCS
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Iroh *seconds before eclipse*: Time to go... *burns open door*

*eclipse starts, guards file in*

Guard: Stop! *tries firebending and fails* What...

Iroh *takes fighting pose*: Alright... who wants to go first? *proceeds to knock them all out*

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"He...he busted himself out...! I-I've never seen anything like it! He was like a one-man army!"

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I know Iroh couldn’t use lightning or fire because of the solar eclipse while breaking out but it looks BADASS right here good job!

Went in old and weak, came out old and ripped!
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this is really cool!
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Guard 1: Oh crap, our bending isn't working because of the eclipse! 
Guard 2: Good thing we're in here!
Iroh: Oh really? 
*Iroh tears off the door to his cell*
Guard 3: Oh crap...
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Prison Guard: "Look what you've become..."

Yeah, he's become fucking RIPPED
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Faking craziness to lul them into a false sense of security.
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Oooh, Iroh became buff while in prison. Guess he got some good exercise in there.
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Gonna open up a fresh can of ass kicking
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Um HELLO!  I love this!!
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"Time to kick ass and drink lots of tea, and I'm aaallllllll out of tea"
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The Dragon of the west is uncaged.
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the dragon of the west awakens. The great general awakens. The sage of the lotus awakens. 
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he looks like the damn boss.
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Beaten Guard: He was like a one-man army!
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really the fire nation should step up its armed forces,their technology is their only advantage.
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