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Horse Muscles Anatomy

Hey guys, I did this a couple years back in when I went to the academy of art university and since you guys seem to like my anatomy stuff, I thought Ill hook guys up with more :D I have a lot of human stuff and horses, dog and an elephant... yup

Sooooo I hope this helps out someone, I tell most beginning artists a good place to start is with learning how to convey form and have a good understand the superficial muscle groups. It helped me out a ton

I hope you dig it :)

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more art work by me:
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It's beautiful, thanks for this reference :)
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I'm using app and I can't save this for reference
Nakumah's avatar
this will be great and a of much help. Especially since I suck at horses and some one commissioned me a drawing of one...
Thatonegirludontknow's avatar
Hey, I'm doing this assignment right now, and your Caninus is totally different than what the Eliot Goldinger book says... It says the Caninus is where you put the Pyramidalis Nasi. I'm so confused... But this is definitely a help for what I'm working on.
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This image is amazingly helpful for my veterinary studies of horse anatomy, it's very technically accurate, a few of the names are slightly different to my text books but still really helpful, thank you :) 
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Plenty of helpful packed all over this, thanks for uploading
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I have been looking for something like this for AGES! Thank you! <3
Sapphire-Pony's avatar
So helpful! Thank you
Ritzy4U's avatar
WOW!!!! I thought this was a real chart, LOL.
DJPiplup's avatar
I was looking for something like this! Thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou
grimmGrrl1's avatar
I needed this! Next the human!
smilinggoatstudio's avatar
An artist can never get enough of anatomy! I try to get it across to people how important it is but inevitably get, "but it's so booooooring". Thanks for putting stuff out there.
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*head explodes*
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This will be so helpful for shading :o
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This is so helpful! :wow: Thank you.
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Thank you for doing this. I have featured this and your horse skeletal structure in my journal: [link]

I think some of my watchers will appreciate the extra help this will give to draw horses ^^
JeffreyMonye's avatar
i soooo need this if im to draw.THANX!!!!
Wylt's avatar
excellent horse anatomy, it will work great for a everytime i need a reference. thanks!
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Wow! I love it! This will help me out alot! Thanks!
darkgrim-13's avatar
really cool i love anatomy !!!
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