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Avatar saw Avatar .2

How they got Toph to go SEE and movie is beyond me lol

Had some time when I got back from AX and thought I would do a quick sketch of the Gaangs reactions to the new movie.

I did this one a while back when James Cameron's Avatar came out. [link]

and more cool older gaang stuff here [link]

Anyway I hope you guys dig it :)
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Dammit, now Aang's traumatized all over again!

I read that in their voices!😄

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Honestly, the cartoon is overrated as hell.

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i disagree but i can see why you would say that, so many people love it

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That's not why. If I told you why we'd be arguing forever.

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yeah i kinda just redefined overrated didn't I

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Well, I don't like the cartoon. I have my reasons but I'm not going to reveal them.

Sokka: But the effects were decent!
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Aang looks like he's been traumatized for life and will need extensive therapy to deal with the PAMSD. (Post avatar movie stress disorder)  ★—_—💧
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more like PTAMSD (Post Traumatic (cause it is!) Avatar Movie Stress Disorder)

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I didn't watch the movie and I never will
for those who didn't watch it too, all aboard the train :blanktrain:
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I love your way of drawing them in modern clothes! I've suddenly been having a huge appetite for modern-day A:TLA (I'm getting elaborate ideas for a fanfic of it, even) and I hope somewhere there's a DeviantArt collection for just that kind of fanart.

-SP (the one who doesn't draw)
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When I grow up, I'm going to bring the series back. Maybe direct a movie or continue the story.
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I'm not into the genre of open world massive multiplayer like World of Warcraft, but I can see one based on the world of Avatar where you get to pick just one type of bender to choose from or be a nonbender and then go from there, each with its own set of classes, abilities, and upgrades.

If you are a bender, the first few levels would teach you the basic skills common for every bender of your kind, and you can master them in your early levels. In later levels, you could progress towards advanced bending thereby unlocking a prestige class for you.

If you are a nonbender, you could be welcomed in any nation and the class you choose is entirely up to you, even if the class is not native to your country of birth, although none of the classes available would be capable of any supernatural power. A good example of this would be Sokka.

I figured among each of the four elements, there would be utility classes available, some that heal or revive in a specific way, some which build buildings out of whatever material the bender is capable of building with, some which conjure serious illusions by controlling sound waves and light waves, some that save a population from a famine or a drought using means his element is capable of, such as controlling weather in a specific way.

Personally, I find the series to be quite entertaining in terms of actual science used today practically by engineers and doctors to invent machines, particularly concerning chemistry and the states of matter.

Said game BETTER have four seasons and calendar events, because seasons do affect benders differently. 
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A disgrace to the avatar franchise. Other then that, I love the series.
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Toph looks so freakin' cool I can't get over this simple fact.
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What's an ahvatar?  And why were Sokka and Katara white when the Water Tribe is based on Inuit culture?  And why does Shyamalan still get work after Signs?
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Ikr, And why were Zuko and Zhao indian when the fire nation is based on China?
PyramidHead90's avatar
Er... no.

In the show it goes:

Air Nomads = Tibet
Water Tribes = Inuit
Earth Kingdom = China
Fire Nation = Japan
United Republic = New York
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I read on the wiki that there is some mix of inspirations from different cultures in them as well, also I wasn't wrong about the Fire Nation not being India.
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I figured toph would be happy she wasn't in this train wreck. Huh guess I was wrong?
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I like this! A reference to the time when they went to watch The Boy in the Iceberg, right? Well done!
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