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Avatar Season 4 poster -lines-

Ta- Daa~

Avatar Season 4 poster!

...will probably never happen lol but is the combination of all the character designs from my older series in one giant mess lol As you guys can see this is my first time attempting a collage type thing, I think it came out ok?

My bud Seung-hyun or ~rick0404 liked it which made my day cuz he was a story boarder on Avatar, and its funny today at work, we found out were friends on the DA lol its a small world

Anyway Ill color it..... not soon cuz this is going to take forever lol hope you guys dig it 8DDD

also this composition device of having aang split up into all those lines was thought up by this awesome cat *alvinlee
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seriously cool!!also make me think that why it didnt continue
DanNorcross's avatar
It ended because it came to the end. The whole show was about aang bringing peace and learning the elements. They didn't want to continue. And then came korra.
bexwitchex's avatar
I love how you have thicker outlines of the main characters. (Not sure if that was you intention, but cool all the same :) ) Amazing piece! *goes to find the colored version..* :love:
NoctisFayne's avatar
HEyy, gret job!
When you first start off you draw it on paper with pencil? orr is it all done a ona tablet thinger?
Marlon1256's avatar
is tht jet at the top right....isnt he....dead
mythicalmexicanbeast's avatar
Heh that's pretty kool
bloodbendingmaster97's avatar
YumeHunter's avatar
O.O wow....this should be a tatoo
TheEmissaryOfLove's avatar
This is the most amazing picture I have ever seen!
SharpenArrow's avatar
jee this looks really freaking good!!! :)
Phantasmicomico's avatar
Kari-Twilight-Mist's avatar
I just noticed Appa is attacking Iro's tea XD
Its-Tachy's avatar
A beast of a poster. Lines are amazing. :clap:
Sayuri101's avatar
totally f**king awesome.
Alquemie's avatar
it's great !! :)
StarDragon77's avatar
I wanted to have something similar done for my fan fiction "Knights of the Avatar" but have the poster in a kind of Star Wars poster art style, know the style?
midnight-inu's avatar
I really love the layout and the flow of characters. How you used Aang's arrow to move the focus upwards was genius!
feri-itanon123's avatar
i pinpointed everyone on the spot
but it took me a minute to realize the female next to mai was azula lol.
i was like...who the hell is tht? :pp
like durrr!
Ron-zo's avatar
This is great man. Good job!
FooRay's avatar
i actually like this one better than the colored version... i think it makes your lines look better, in the color version a lot of the detail is lost in the in all the effects and blurs.. this is good tho.. another fave.
A W E S O M E ! ! !
DuckyQueen's avatar
but on a srser note, I read somewhere that the real life Gaang is signing on for like, 2 more seasons!
not even kidding! I read it in nick mag (cuz every 15 year old does)
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