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Last in my older series, but not least is AANG and hes pissed!

Normally I see planet Aang pictures and hes relaxed, I wanted to see him angry, with a power level way over 9000. Newly freed Azula must have done something. She be so crazy. 8D

With this picture I had alot of trouble with it cuz there's just so much going on, it was hard to unify the elements and all.

There is more of the Older Gaang here… ...and everywhere else in my gallery Avatar Season 4 poster by DarkKenjie Toph by DarkKenjie Azula -Im free- by DarkKenjie Fire Lord Zuko by DarkKenjie Sokka - You took her by DarkKenjie

Anyway I hope you guys like it!

Avatar (c) Nickelodeon, Mike and Bryan.
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Love this hero

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This is sick. Angriest I've ever seen Aang but I buy it. Extremely creative and the unique twist of of the ice armor, fire breath, and beads bring it together. 10/10 So much love for ATLA

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HOLY HELL MATE! This is absolutely stunning! like just WOW!

I wish I had better words to describe the level of impressed I am with this.

but seriously please keep at it! We need more art like this in the world!

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The Avatar has returned. Let us pray.
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I've always seen this drawing around
only now I found the one who made it
Looks great :iconvioletheartplz:
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If Avatar was actually anime I feel we would've had something like this happen after a 4 year timeskip.
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damm, Aang looks so fuck*ng bad ass in this pic
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Holy shhhhhhhhhhhhh....
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He looks like a damn demon/Boss this actually made me say out loud,ddddddddaaaamn.
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I think his opponent just s*** their pants XD
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That ain't exageration either
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Print Link is not working.
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Had to get this print when on saw it at AX2015! thanks, and great job
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That's incredible :wow:
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Fuckin' sweeeeeeeet
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That's not aang. That's aang with the strength of the hulk and the mind of a maniac
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