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Just this once... by djwagLmuffin Just this once... :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 6 0 Bound by djwagLmuffin Bound :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 2 0
From on high
Laini watched the sky grow darker as Mihr prepared a small fire, signaling the end of a long and disappointing day. An unusually cold breeze swept over them as Laini glared at her surroundings.
"Something is amiss." She whispered. Mihr cracked rocks between his hands but, suddenly, he stopped and the flint tumbled to the ground through his fingers. Laini spun around and stared at him as he rose to his feet. Mihr, also, began to scan the trees for the source of the disturbance. His brow furrowed as he attempted to focus in any single direction.
"Ghost?" She asked.
"No," Mihr said sharply. Suddenly, the sound of hooves came bounding around the corner and, in a single motion, Mihr leaped to grab Laini out of the panicking creature's path. They both stared as it continued to run as fast as its legs could carry it. Mihr suddenly covered his ears in pain, Laini grabbing his shoulders to prop him up. The shrieking was intense it nearly brought tears to his eyes.
"Mihr?!" She yelled.
"A brothe
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 2 1
Lurking Shadow
Trees creaked their evening percussion, shifting and swaying in the breeze as time slowly marched forward to bring the night. All was quiet. He stood just a little ways from a wagon trail, cut into the landscape by the many escaping whites that grew tired of the lives they were living in the east. But this did not interest him. No. What interested him were the corpses who were cut this way and that, stripped of flesh as if they were whipped until their bodies died from the pain.
This place was still screaming.
His long brown hair lifted with the breeze, his black eyes narrowed and moved slowly with the darkness to the one body that remained somewhat intact. A red-haired thing, face planted to the ground, eyes empty and mouth agape from the last vestige of resistance she may have had. There was blood everywhere, tainting this little patch of forest.
He sighed. These are not quite the signs he was looking for, but, it was still worth investigating further. With hardly a care for the dead
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 1 1
Descendant Promo by djwagLmuffin Descendant Promo :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 5 1 Bright Night by djwagLmuffin Bright Night :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 1 0
The next morning, a knock roused the individuals inside the Kaufman house. Anne, a woman in her later years, quietly sewing in the corner of the front room, Emily, holding up a line to measure her brother’s arm lengths and mumbling incoherent words with pins in her mouth. She furrowed her brow, clearly uncomfortable with how much Henry seemed to have grown since he was away at war. Henry turned his head toward the door, surprised nobody else seemed to notice or care.
He sighed, Emily impatiently slapping the cloth of her dress in protest. "I wasn't done." She said through gritted teeth, trying not to let the pins drop to the floor.
"Just a moment..." he grinned. Another rapping at the door and Henry opened it with a soft click. A much taller and far more attractive man stood outside the threshold, a wide smile across his face. His crystal blue gaze focused on Henry who couldn't help but shift uncomfortably on his feet. The stranger noticed and chuckled.
"Hello, there." He said ch
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 0 0
Levirate Proposal
A soft evening breeze wafted through the barn as Celeste hunched over what little belongings she had, bundling them carefully to fit on Levi's back. The horse was watching her, occasionally pawing at the ground as if to hurry her along. Levy was only friendly with her and it was an awful annoyance to those attempting to get any work done around the house. She sighed at him, trying, without words, to convey that she was going as fast as she could but that her thoughts were filled with a certain terror for what lay ahead in the coming days.
She wanted to leave but was sure she would be with her husband and maybe hope that there was something better waiting for them closer to the world she knew. Even a boom-town was better than this place, she thought, and tried to compose herself when her thoughts seemed to focus more on the one man she knew would be able to sooth this pain.
Long Lance. She couldn't help it. He was the only one who could comfort her in times like these and the only one w
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 0 1
March Home
A crowd slowly began to form along the road as other people realized what was happening and, with a growing volume of excitement and joy, their voices lifting to greet them.
Soldiers were returning home.
Celeste managed to squeeze in front of a few older men who were wearing well-to-do suits and talking loudly of their supposed victory. The North had won, the nation remained united, slaves were free and after two long years, Celeste's husband was finally returning home.
But she remained wary. She hadn't received a letter or word from him at all in a year and she began to fear the worst but her work kept her busy. As long as she could endure until he came marching home, she felt it would be alright.
The parade of soldiers finally landed in the center of the town and many of them broke ranks to reunite with their families, cries of joy and love filled the air. And there were many; a promising sign. Celeste fought her way onto the tips of her toes, trying to spy Nathaniel in the crowd but
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Orange by djwagLmuffin Orange :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 4 2
Better Off
-Three years later-
The days were growing longer and the sun warmer as women from all over town busied themselves with the spring cleaning. Celeste was no exception, her arms carrying loads of bedding to the back of a saloon where she was met with cheerful greetings from the many black women who managed to escape the war that raged down south. There were white women as well and the occasional tribes-woman who had married into white families. For a few weeks, these women were virtually the same; working to clear away the winter's clutter, clucking away about the business of their families and a few of them had even welcomed new children into the world.
Something Celeste found herself wondering about as her life marched forward towards an uncertain future.
Celeste had nothing particularly in common with many of these women except for the tribeswomen with whom she would speak in a Native language on occasion. Her rearing was supposed to be a secret so she tried to take great care in who s
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 0 0
Wild Child
An angry yell from inside the tipi could be heard from the many stabled horses where a worried girl stood alongside a paint pony whose ears would occasionally perk up from the screaming. She hid her face while giving his neck a gentle pat. The horse reciprocated the gesture with a loving nuzzle as the shouting continued. She could barely make out the words.
A Lakota youth just above her age was standing next to the entrance of the tipi, his leg bouncing anxiously as he had a better vantage point to hear the argument. Every so often he would inhale deeply as if to argue a point, but his arms gave up in a conflicted sigh. He, too, wasn't sure what to do. He glanced over his shoulder at the girl. Her eyes met his, but she was far calmer, far more certain in what the decision would be. They both knew the reality of their situation and it didn't matter what their feelings for each other were.
Bursting from the entrance, an older Lakota man stomped his way outside and grabbed hold of the you
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 0 0
"Absolutely not!" A large man's voice shouted from inside a worn shack nestled along the banks of a small river. The water appeared to quiver with the volume of his words. "Laini, I swear to all creation--! You ALWAYS disregard the works of others, claiming that it's for some greater good. How many times do we have to have this argument!?"
"Oh, Stieger..." Laini leaned back in her chair, comfortably gazing into the angry man's face, "I do not need your permission to act as I see fit. I am merely letting you know as a courtesy so you don't destroy my people over some stupid treaty with a most unreliable vampire." Mihr, who sat to one side of Laini, let out a barely audible groan when Laini uttered these words. He braced himself for what was to come.
"You're subverting me!?" He screamed. Stieger's broad shoulders tensed and his blue eyes grew even more furious. "I worked for years to procure that treaty, and you spit in my face and that of those who gave their lives to ensure some measur
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 1 4
Long has this war ravaged creation.
Long have those who dwell in the middle paid with their lives and their sanity.
But they are not without their defenses.
And the names of those who fight are whispered through eternity.
This is one such story.
The setting sun peered softly through the top of evergreen trees as a soft breeze jostled the branches, giving all the tell-tale signs of a windy day coming to a close. Insects acknowledged the coming night and a dazzling show of fireflies danced among the sparse shrubs scattered along the forest floor. Nothing, it appeared, could break this tranquility except for, of course, a snarl from what sounded like a large predatory creature. A snarl followed by an unmistakable crunch of bones.
One side of a large conifer revealed that something very violent and very large had destroyed a path to a clearing. There, the blood-spattered back of a scaly beast lay hunched over its prey, lifting its se
:icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 2 8
Descendant: Part One by djwagLmuffin Descendant: Part One :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 0 0 Hanzo wardrobe work by djwagLmuffin Hanzo wardrobe work :icondjwaglmuffin:djwagLmuffin 9 0


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Not really.

The art is still there but if you click the link to redirect, you'll see I just moved everything. I always thought it was bad practice to remove art completely never know who might like it or who has and supported you, even in hard times so...LEST WE FORGET.


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