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Diplodocus Train Yards

A diplodocus wanders a lonely, mostly abandoned train yard as the sun sets. The diplodocus, as always, is searching for a little something to eat. The compsognathus pack in the area is doing the same thing--but there's nothing for the giant sauropod to worry about. Those little scavengers are two feet long at most.

The diplodocus, on the other hand is something like 80 feet long. And that's why the diplodocus has no fear. 
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Post Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

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I could definitely see that interpretation.

But these pieces are based on a world of my own imagining. (Is it the most unique world? Probably not--but I like it.)

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Oh. Okay. Those kinds of worlds are always the most fun anyway imo. Your free to let your imagination soar for one thing; with no worries about copyright or close-minded fans of the original franchise or anjy of that nonsense. Keep up the good work. :D

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Haha, very true! Thanks--that's the plan, and thanks for the encouragement!

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I have my own self-created fantasy world I've been posting about on my own gallery, so I'm hip about how satisfying it can be. :D

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Stunning art man! Love the unique aesthetic style of your images.

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Thank you so much! I'm happy you like them!

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Steel for the tracks provided by Carnegie Steel Company.

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This world you're slowly creating is really taking shape. I love the colours of both dinos depicted in the art.

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Thank you! I'm happy it seems to be resonating with folks!

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