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Photo - Lil Bit - Close Up by djsoblivion1990, visual art


Pixel Portrait - Purple Rainbow 2020-2021 by djsoblivion1990, visual art

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Photo - Purple Flowers 2021 by djsoblivion1990, visual art



Photo - African Daisy 2021 by djsoblivion1990, visual art



Pixel Art - FFXIV - Gaelicat by djsoblivion1990, visual art

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Doll - PL - Dj and OCs

Hiya! I'm Jackie! I live in a town of about 3,000 people in the middle of Nebraska, USA.

Doll - 150 + Watchers

I mainly doll. Which if you don't know what "dolling" is then you are missing out! "Dolling" is a form of pixel art! Look it up! Anywho I've been dolling since late 2005/early 2006. You can tell by all my deviations that I've progressed a bit since I first started. I like to write poetry but unfortunately I'm not easily inspired when it comes to poetry... or dolling right now for that matter!

Doll - FFVIII - Irvine Kinneas (baseless)
Doll - Dj and Bandit 2
Doll - OC - Didrianna and Allana and Aiasha
Doll - Final Fantasy VIII Girls
Doll - Squall and Dj
Doll - PL - Dj Western Collab
Doll - FFXIV - Minfilia
Doll - Sofi - Tab - Sparky
Doll - OC - Nathan and Natasha
Doll - Didrianna Witch Collab
Doll - OC - Jacob
Doll - PL - Vampire
Doll - Halloween AV
Doll - FFVIII - Rinoa Heartilly - Waltz
Doll - FFXIV - Lyse
Doll - Tora - MPL
Doll - Didrianna - Base Race
Doll - PL - Female Dwarf
Doll - Rikku FFX-2 - Base Race
Doll - PL - Merman
Doll - OC - Allana and Xander
Doll - Rinoa and Squall - Base Race
Doll - Rockabilly - Base Race
Digital Painting - Autumn Mountain Scene

I challenge you to comment on artwork you favorite and visit a deviant's page and art when they visit and favorite yours!

Pixel Art - Tiny Bandit
Pixel - Muffin Escape
Pixel Art - FFXIV Fatcat
Pixel - Haunted House
FFXIV - Generic Namazu
Gone, Not Forgotten
Pixel Art - Windmill
Pixel Art - Sleeping Kitty

Remember to stay healthy!

Photo - Red White and Blue
Photo - Wagon Wheel
Photo - Day Lily Flower Bed\Yard Art
Photo - Columbine
Photo - Pink Creeping Phlox
Photo - Burgandy Pansies
Photo - Eagle
Photo - Garden Angel
Photo - Green Fairy
Photo - Pink Tiger Lilies
Photo - Yellow Lily
Photo - Spirea Close Up
Photo - Pansies 2
Photo - Hens and Chicks
Photo - Burnt Marigold
Photo - Pink Roses 2
Photo - Green Fairy
Photo - Red Rose

Favourite Movies
Sleepy Hollow, Merlin, Mist of Avalon, LOTR Series, Ella Enchanted, anything by Tim Burton
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Five Finger Death Punch, Alter Bridge, Saving Abel, Avenged Sevenfold, Erutan, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Nightwish, Scorpions, HIM, Celtic Woman & Celtic Thunder
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey, Candace Camp, Mercedes Lackey, Karen Marie Moning, Julie Garwood, & Kay Hooper
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy VIII
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation platforms
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper or Adobe Photoshop
Other Interests
Gaming, reading, drawing, doodling, writing poems, dolling & music
So... Since I had a person who asked if they can use my photos to make money on a different website I will be going through my gallery and adding watermarks to my lovely photos since I don't trust people to be honest and just enjoy what I share online. I do not approve of art theft, and using someone's work to gain a profit for yourself is art theft. I do not give anyone permission to use my art and photographs for anything. The only exception is my doll bases, which have rules attached to them. Please remember to respect fellow artists!
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10/5/20 - Is 2020 almost over?

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Hello there! I just wanted to make a journal to let everyone know I'm alive! So sorry I haven't been updating as much, I am still active and I still take photos, though real life has thrown a few wrenches in my plans. Covid has entered my house, so the family is in various stages of sick at the moment. So far we are all okay and not seriously ill, but we are still feeling pretty badly. Since I'm feeling so yucky and quarantined I don't know how much I will be updating. I will try my best to keep updating, but it's hard to sit at the computer for much time, let alone try to take some photos. I will continue to add my pixel art and photography as I'm able. Hope to see you all soon! Thanks for all the favorites/comments! You guys are awesome. :)
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Feature Journal 9/21/20

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~~~~~~~~~September 21st, 2020~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm really late to this! Holy cow am I late!! So very sorry to you all! Real life and other things have made updating DA difficult. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *As a thank you, I will try to feature art from those of you who have been faving and commenting on my art! I will also be featuring some other cool artists I find or pieces I really like. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **On to the art! There is no specific order to the featured art/artists, if I missed you I'm sorry and I will get to you next time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Set #1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Set #2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Set #3
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Thanks very much for the fave!

Hello, dear friend!

I often exhibit your works in my journals, but I don't have the opportunity to report it in person every time. Notifications from the DA work intermittently. Therefore, if you want to see your works and get acquainted with the works of other authors, you can periodically (1-2 times a month) visit my page in the journals section. It's here:

Have a great day! With love, Anna))) 🧡🧡🧡

Awww, ty so much! Yes I noticed DA has changed a bit x.x