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Sonic 25th Anniversary Logo Recreation

In Vegas Licensing Expo. There's SEGA booth and there's a Logo of 25th anniversary. 
News here.…
I recreated in very HD quality. Hope you like it.

This logo design belongs to SEGA.
Recreated by me.

//EDIT1. Add Shadow on some elements. + Turn pure blue to Cobalt blue.
//EDIT2. Tails's Channel use this!! :-):-):-)
//EDIT3. I see that so many people use this as an avatar. YES!!
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© 2015 - 2022 DjSMP
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Nice work. I might be using this for my Sonic Marathon on YouTube.
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great work on recreating this, it looks awesome :D! Do you mind if I use it in one of my gallery icons? I can credit it back to you in the gallery description if you'd like :)
HyperSkyBlast's avatar
Woah amazing recreation here! I wasn't expecting seeing this so soon and in such a good quality! Awesome ^^
Zeo-Fawx's avatar
Can't wait to see everything that goes with this. I just hope its all decent.
DjSMP's avatar
Hope it's a new game and not Boom-related stuff.
Zeo-Fawx's avatar
If Sega is smart, they need to abandon Boom completely like they did 06 (with the exception of keeping Silver.)
DjSMP's avatar
I think SEGA of America love Boom Sonic. and SEGA of Japan love Legacy Sonic.
//I don't think so, in Vegas Licensing Expo. There're a lot of boom-relate things.
sonicspeed27's avatar
nice logo what SEGA did do you know what that means? a new character for next year
DjSMP's avatar
sonicspeed27's avatar
yep dont you get it in every anniversary there is a new sonic character
DjSMP's avatar
OH! I didn't noticed that. 

10th //Shadow
15th //Silver
20th //Classic Sonic
25th //???
sonicspeed27's avatar
bingo you got it :-D you figure it out
DjSMP's avatar
Congratulations to me. :D
sonicspeed27's avatar
of couse you figure it out :-D you guys could be right if SEGA does save enough money to make the sonic 25th anniversary game then the game will be perfect to sell good so far they probably working on the game right now because other games takes 2 and 3 years to developed and it takes hard work on pasting that job and you get paid alot when you work at a gaming industries for part time job and plus the 25th anniversary will have a new character you know 1st anniversary sonic and tails 10th anniversary shadow 15th anniversary silver 20th anniversary classic sonic reintroduct 25th anniversary ???????
DjSMP's avatar
Hope SEGA doesn't rush Sonic Team again if you still wanna see SEGA making game.
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CyclonX64's avatar
Lol, I'm attempting to recreate this as well. I didn't see anybody else try ^^
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//And by the way. Your Recreation is also great. 
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