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PS VITA- Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow

Complete cover box artwork or Incomplete cover box artwork. Any suggestions and opinions? Please, feel free to comment this Not-So-Complete cover box artwork of mine that I've just done recently when I was in a boredom in a while ago. What say you? :)
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Wanted to make similar story of this , but with a twist.

The storyline at first is about an earthquake that managed to merge four different timelines across. Soma Cruz who currently studying in Romania and Alucard who currently handling things in Japan apparently felt that same earthquake in a day , despite being on different faults.

The story itself is split into two ; Soma's storyline in Romania , and Alucard's story in Japan... which serves as the "Julius Mode" of this game.

Soma's storyline features Jonathan Morris , Charlotte Aulin and Shanoa as Soma's allies ... while Mina will also be playable later.

Alucard's story has Julius Belmont , Yoko Belnades , Richter Belmont and Maria Renard as allies.

For Soma mode , you can get two true ending depending on what sidequest you could do... either rebuild your relationship with Mina... or save a certain woman from her loneliness and win her heart. ( Hint : Glyph )

It isn't just that , some character like Soma and Jonathan has nerf in equipment versatility , but on the other hand , they also have buffed . ( e.g Soma can now pick the Critical Art of his choice, a super mode where Soma will take damage for his allies that's on the verge of death, while also having access to all of Dracula's signature spells like Dark Inferno on that mode , Jonathan now can dual wield one-handed weapons and use it at the same time , albeit disables the use of subweapons, getting a various martial arts book to make him do various fighting styles ( from boxing, kung fu , to acrobatic breaker moves ) , Shanoa now has access to new glyph named Lassa , based on Belmont family's whips , new Dual Crushes )

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How would both Johnathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin be around to help out Soma Cruz and company if by the year 2038 they have long since been dead. Harmony Of Despair got away with it due to it being a non canon Super Smash Bros like type of game mashing up popular characters from the franchise's rich history.

But on the other hand I am completely sold on the idea of having to ward off Death and Orlox even though Death itself can never be truly be removed from this world. Plus to my knowledge Death has only been a final boss in Lament Of Innocence.

However the rating has got be M as most Castlevania games have gotten this rating.

It can be swan song to end to the Sorrow mimiseries just as long as Ayumi Kojima handles the artwork and Michiru Yamane the soundtrack.
I hated Dawn Of Sorrow's shift to anime inspired artwork.
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I want this game! D=

The Sorrow series are one of the best Castlevanias! *-*
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Ahahaha you know what Maira, I wish this is a real game which was made by IGA and KONAMI themselves. As you can see the picture above, It was a fan-made cover artwork box that I've made recently. However, this cover artwork box is an unofficial whereas I'm still modifying it and it's still under progression currently. I'll upload it once I finish this. Hope you will like my fangame storyline from Chapter-Chapter 3. Here's the links:

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 4 is still under progression state currently. Stay Tune! And I really hope that you like these storyline. If you do have any questions regarding about my storyline of Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow, don't hesitate to ask me. Cheers! :D
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I finished Olrox :D
Mp me if i need to make something
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Ahaha sure, no problem at all! You have an awesome art skills as well. ^^
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Love it, man! :la:
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Lol I knew you would love it. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Now I'm just done my Chapter 3. PHEEEW! Now Chapter 4 is in the progression currently yaw! :P
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finally! Chapter 3! i was getting curious! :XD:
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Aside from the obvious style clashes, it's looking really good for a first shot (I'm Dracula9 by the way). I can't help but feel the front cover needs something more to it. Maybe a watermark of Dracula or a moon or a smoke swirl or something, it's just a bit bland with the title and montage. But it's incomplete, so I guess I can't beg AND choose.
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Thank you so much Dracula9! I really appreciate it a lots! And thank you for commenting about my cover artwork and tells me which of the parts that i need to actually fix up. Do you have any recomendations to actually make the pictures into a fine high-quality by using photoshop? Speaking about Lord Dracula, the reason why I didn't wanted to add Lord Dracula's picture on the cover artwork box is simply because according to my own idea of storyline for this Castlevania, I choose to not give any spoilers about whether or not Lord Dracula is actually fully resurrected in this Castlevania series of mine to the Castlevania fans who have read my fanfictions storyline which I've done from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 now. Lol :P
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This is a cool cover game! I'm a furry artist, and I made this version based in castlevania game. [link]
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Thank you so much LeandroValhalla! I really do appreciate it. Ah I see hope you really do enjoy for being a good furry artist you are! Alright wait, I shall comment on that link's comment.
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no problem! :)

I love castelvania game serie
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Thank you Belmondo4447! I really appreciate it :D. Man, how I wish this game is true and selling at the game market right now. Lol
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I know Death want to bring back the ol matihias back, though Mina is like Elizabetha.
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Lol! I will not reveal or tell the spoilers to anybody else who eagerly wanted to know what happen or what they had expected to be simply because it definitely would spoil the fun! Don't worry my friend, soon, you will definitely will know the answer for the upcoming future chapters for sure! To answer your statement, I would like to say that I do not know. :P Hehe
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