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Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Chapter 4)



Chapter 4 (The 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires)

The Chapter 4 will tells you the story about how Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte are actually meeting up with the 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires for the first time. Here’s are the list of each of the 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires characters. I would like to apologize to whom have follow up this storyline of mine for not be able to draw or have the ‘Drawing Skills’ ability to actually draw up each of the 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires characters. But here’s the character profile for each of them. Hope you can imagine like how I imagine their appearances. To those who already read my Chapter 3, there is no need for you guys to read this down below here. The Division of the 7 Immortal Vampires (You can literally SKIP this part)

Shadow- A rage young boy with short blue hair, black tattoos on his face and he who stands as a Division no. 4 of the 7 Immortal Vampires who has the ability to disguise as someone else and wields such a great strong dark power that possessed on his both hands. He is a selfish type of a person who merely cares about his own life and doesn’t even care about his friends. It is unknown about whether or not he is actually loyal to his Master, Olrox.

Maximo- Cool, arrogant and a selfish gangster punk looking guy with much tattoos on his whole body, with a red punk hair, a black bandana on his head and with some piercing. He stands as a Division no. 5 of the 7 Immortal Vampires who wields deadly fists as his precious power and ability to perform from 1000 to 10,000 deadly fists at the same time and possessed 3 different types of elements, which are fire, ice and wind.

Zamelia- A beautiful lady with a long pink hair, blue eyes and a purple color on her lips that has the same age with Yoko Belnades who has a strong loyalty to Olrox and she stands as a Division no. 7 of the 7 Immortal Vampires who wields a great rapier and a strong shield to defend herself who stands in her way.

Chibi- A cute little vampire girl with a mix color of black and white maiden costume that has the same age as Mina Hakuba and she stands as a Division no. 6 of the 7 Immortal Vampires who wields a deadly umbrella and ability to summon her own favorite 5 huge “pets” which are bear, horse, rabbit, bird and dragon as well.

Abuwa- A fat vampire man who really loves to eat chicken and he can’t live without chickens in his life. In fact, the more he eats chicken, the more he become way stronger than before. He stands as a Division no. 3 of the 7 Immortal Vampires who wields a deadly poisonous vomit until to extend of creating a sea of deadly vomit and ability to crush anything he wish to destroy it. Just becareful, do NOT make him mad and steal his chickens while he enjoying eating chickens with good appetites.

Leo Narcadia- A silent person mysterious immortal vampire who wears a pure white hoodie with a plain white mask, black gloves on his hands and a black boots on his legs that have the ability to control people’s body, mimic someone’s voice and read people’s mind as well. He uses opera songs and his deadly huge amount of puppets as his deadly precious weapon to kill people who stand in his way. This is similar to one of the villains from Metal Gear Solid, Psycho Mantis. Plus, he has a strong loyalty to his Master, Olrox whom saved his life from misery and suffers. He stands as a Division no. 2 of the 7 deadly Immortal Vampires.

Virex- A tall gentleman captain, that has a red hair who stands as a Division no. 1 and the strongest among of all the 7 Immortal Vampires who wields such deadly Yamato sword and he has been told that he was influenced by the Japanese culture. During in a midst of any battlefield he had ever been to, he always keep yawning and feel very sleepy simultaneously. Apparently, he is a type of a person who doesn’t even care about anything of what happens around him. His own favorite quotes “Just keep it cool. Alright.”

Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte walking and exploring throughout the “Macabre Cave” with full of decomposing corpse of demons from the past Castlevania games such as Slogra, Gaibon, some pieces of body from Beelzebub with his little pets of flies and many more lying down lifeless. Many puzzles and mysteries need to be solves in order to go through into another secret room. After several minutes until they reach to the place called, “Abandon Church”, this is where Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte meeting with the new fresh villains of group in 3rd Sorrow’s series, which to be called as “The Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires”. Here comes the dialogue conversation scene between them for the first time:

Soma Cruz: What is this place? It looks like an abandon church I see.

Julius Belmont: Indeed it is. But it’s not safe for us to have a rest here. Not even a while.

Elder Jonathan Morris: I guess you are right Julius. We have to keep moving and save Mina immediately before its too late.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: You are right Jonathan.

Soma Cruz: OK. Now let’s go!

???: OH HOHOHOHOHOHOHO! *A female voice coming out from nowhere to be found and literally laughing as she was about to introduce herself*

Soma Cruz, Julius Belmont and Charlotte Aulin: WHO GOES THERE?!

Elder Jonathan Morris: Awh man, another interruption? I got a bad feeling about this.

???: TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR EYES! They must be merely human beings! *The same female voice from a while ago*

???: Hmmm. Perhaps not. Because there is ONE person, who is standing right there with a pure white hair, trying himself to be a hero and going through these obstacles to save his dear little girl. Soma, I heard from my Master about you have the ability to possess the demon souls. Am I right? Impressive indeed! *A young man voice*

At first, dark shadow mist covering up the new fresh group of the villains, which no one can be able to see it and in fact, there was where the female voice came from. They are standing on top of the platform, which located above Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte as well. Later, the dark shadow mist has slowly vanished from them. Which means, Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte could be able to see them crystal clear.

Soma Cruz: Who might be you?! WHERE IS MINA?!

Elder Jonathan Morris: Whow! So that’s the group of the 7 Immortal Vampires?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Indeed they are. Their power….is so strong!...I guess even we can’t even surpass them…..who are these people?

Elder Jonathan Morris: Hush! Charlotte. Remember…Confidence!

Julius Belmont: Finally you show up. Step aside, or you leave us
no choice but TO DESTROY YOU ALL!

???: OH HOHOHOHOHO! What a mad human being they are, relax, we are here not to fight. We, would like to introduce to each one of you for who we are!

???: My name, is Zamelia.

???: Helloooo! (Konichi-wa!) My name is Chibi! Nice to meet you my friends! Hehehehe *A little girl’s voice*

Shadow: HAH! Is it necessary for me to introduce myself again?

Julius Belmont, Elder Jonathan Morris and Elder Charlotte Aulin: YOU!!

Soma Cruz: You all know him??

Julius Belmont: Yes. He is the one who KIDNAPPED MINA AWAY FROM US!

Soma Cruz: …*Soma’s face slowly turns intro a fierce expression as he turn his head to look upon Shadow* Why… YOUUU! BRING MINA BACK TO US! WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO WITH MINA!

Shadow: Tsk…you people are beginning to annoys me don’t you that. Because I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB YOU FOOLISH IGNIFICANT PIECE OF TRASH!

???: That’s enough, Shadow. It’s my turn to introduce myself.

???: The name is Maximo. Nice to meet you guys. Just call me anytime to have some cup of tea alright? It would be such a pleasure if you guys agree to chill out with me as well. Don’t worry, I’m a very friendly type of person.

Elder Jonathan Morris: Haaaah?? What the…

???: *A fat vampire man eating some chickens*

Zamelia: Abuwa! Stop eating the chickens will you?!

Abuwa: Hmmmm nyum nyuumm. This taste is soooo gooooood~. Abuwa loves chicken! Abuwa loves to eat!

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Errkkk?...They are…such a…weird group of immortals…

Elder Jonathan Morris: Exactly…what are they doing actually?
Julius Belmont: Such a waste of time. Soma, let’s just get going to save Mina now!.

Soma Cruz: Don’t you ever wasting our time! Look, I don’t care what you guys names are but where is Mina?!


Soma Cruz and Julius Belmont: …

Elder Charlotte Aulin: 0.0…

Elder Jonathan Morris: Oh my GOD!

Abuwa: *Bluuuuuuuuurrrrrppppppppp* Abuwa! Abuwa! Abuwa! That’s my name!

Maximo: The guy with the white hoodie and his little precious mask, his name is Leo Narcadia. He is sometimes talkative and sometimes he decides himself to be silent.

???: Helloooo Soma Cruz, Julius Belmont, Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin.

Elder Jonathan Morris and Elder Charlotte Aulin: Hah?

Soma Cruz and Julius Belmont: …

???: * A tall person who holds a bottle of wine* I am, the captain of all the 7 Divisions of….errhh…I’m sorry what again?

Chibi: *Deep breath* *SIGH*

Zamelia: UURRRGHH!


Maximo: You know captain, you should stop drinking you know. “Immortal Vampires” anyway. *SIGH*

???: Yeah I know, I know. YES! That’s right. I am, the captain of all the 7 Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires. Virex is the name. Nice to meet you guys. Such a wonderful moment we have, yes?

Soma Cruz: Whatever your name is. Since you are the captain here. If you were a kind person, would you please let us pass through? We need to save our friend, Mina. Do you know where she is?

Virex: Mina? Ermm yes of course of course, just keep it cool, alright? Don’t worry about it. She’s fine. Well she’s at…*Zamelia interrupted his conversation when he was about to mention where Mina’s location is*

Zamelia: You FOOL captain! HMPH! I'm the one who SHOULD BE THE CAPTAIN FROM THE FIRST PLACE!

Virex: Oops! so sorry for wasting your time. Geez! How did you all ever get yourself into such a predicament? Oh well, JUST keep it cool alright. I’m afraid I can’t tell you where Mina is. This is an order from my Master, Olrox.

Soma Cruz: So YOU BEEN WORKING WITH OLROX AFTER ALL?! I see. Then you leave us no choice but to DESTROY YOU ALL! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!

When the moment Soma, Julius, Jonathan and Charlotte are about to perform their attacks upon the 7 Immortal Vampires, a sudden stop magical power that force Soma’s, Julius’s, Jonathan’s and Charlotte’s body to not be able to move freely and stop from their attacking too. Surprisingly, this is due to one of Leo Narcadia’s special power that has the ability to stop them.

Soma Cruz: HAH?! What happen?! I…can’t…MOVE!

Julius Belmont: This such power…I’ve…never seen this wicked magical power before!...

Elder Jonathan Morris: DAMMIT! I CAN’T…MOVE!

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Who could have…done
this?!....ARGH!....I….CAN’T…….BR… BREATH!

Elder Jonathan Morris: CHARLOTTE!


Julius Belmont: THIS IS…TOO MUCH!

(Soma, Julius, Old Jonathan and Old Charlotte are sweating.)

Virex: That’s ENOUGH! Leo. Let them go.

Leo Narcadia: …

Soma, Julius, Old Jonathan and Old Charlotte feels very rejuvenated right after the deadly heavy dark power force that makes their body unable to move freely from attacking.

Soma Cruz: *Cough* *Cough*…*Cough*

Julius Belmont: *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Elder Charlotte Aulin: *Cough* *Cough*…*Deep breath* *exhale*..

Elder Jonathan Morris: *Cough*...*Cough* Bluek! (Old Jonathan vomits blood)

Julius Belmont: Jonathan!...Are you OK?

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Jonathan!

Elder Jonathan Morris: I’m fine Julius…Charlotte..Don’t worry about me..

Abuwa: Loooook! He just vomit. He has the same ability like Abuwa~!

Maximo: Geez! You’ll never treat the guest nicely wouldn’t you Leo?

Chibi: Fuuuuuh~. Neah, they’ll be fine after all. We don’t need to even worry about them. For now. Hehehehe

Zamelia: Let us take our leave shall we captain?

Shadow: SOMA!

Soma Cruz: *huh* *huh* *huh*…You…Bastard.

Shadow: (Shadow point his right finger upon Soma). I just can’t wait to see your TRUE IDENTITY AND YOUR TRUE POWER! I shall be waiting for you. UNDERSTAND??

Virex: (Virex clap his hand for once time). Alright folks! I guess we shall take our leave. Enjoy for exploring throughout this beautiful Castle. See you around!

Soma Cruz: Wait!...*huh*…HOLD ON!...*huh*…

Virex: Hmm?

Soma Cruz: “The Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires”. Are you one of the Dark Lord Candidates from 2 years ago too?!

Shadow: …Wait a munite...Did you..just said.. “DARK LORD CANDIDATES”???.

Maximo: Ermm…Yeah he did.

Chibi: Oh my…*giggle*


Soma Cruz: Hah?...So you are not one of them?? WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY?!

Virex: I’m sorry Soma. For your information, those who were born in 1999 and declare themselves as the reincarnation of Lord Dracula today or anytime, are nothing but just a bunch of idiots. So my advice is, stop dreaming, alright?. Face the reality please. *Yawn*

Julius Belmont: Then what about you? You all were born in 1999 after Lord Dracula’s demise too am I right!

Virex: You will know more about us soon enough Julius. As I’ve mention earlier, we are not one of them nor we are not fancies enough about Lord Dracula too. Look, he’s dead, for good. Thanks to you Julius. OK, It’s time for us to leave by the way. See yah! Remember, just keep it cool. Alright? *Virex disappeared himself*

Julius Belmont: …

Chibi: See you!! I’ll take care of Mina. Don’t worry. *giggle* *Chibi disappeared*

Abuwa: Abuwa wants to go eat chickens now! Bye byyeeee~ *Abuwa disappeared*

Zamelia: See you soon! *Zamelia stares at Charlotte* Charlotte! OH HAHAHAHA *Zamelia dissapeared*
Elder Charlotte Aulin: *huh* Such arrogant vampire lady she is.

Maximo: See you guys around! Don’t die on me alright! Here. Take this! *Maximo throws 5 elixir on Soma, Julius, Old Jonathan and Old Charlotte.*

Soma Cruz: Why are you doing this?...

Elder Jonathan Morris: Hah! Since when you decide yourself to be so kind?

Maximo: Well, I’m just trying to help you guys out. Hope you appreciate that.

Soma Cruz: …

Maximo: See ya! *Maximo disappeared*
Shadow: HMPH! *Shadow dissapeared*

Leo Narcadia: … *Leo Narcadia dissappeared*

Julius Belmont: So that's the whole group of the Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires. We just have to be more careful about them. They are indeed stronger than I thought. I could felt their power.

Elder Jonathan Morris: Dammit…How could I be this weak? I must stand stronger than before. My descendants never taught me to be such a coward and be such a weak! I know I’ll be able to go through this!

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Jonathan…

Julius Belmont: Please correct me if I’m wrong. Your dear grandfather and your father must have been taught you to be stronger ever since you were young. Am I right?

Elder Jonathan Morris: H…How did you know that?

Julius Belmont: Its simple. Our beloved forefathers from the past
would always taught their own descendants to be stronger and never give up to stand against the evil. Besides, the two legendary Morris families, Quincy Morris and John Morris had taught you about this right?

(During the conversation between Julius Belmont and Old Jonathan Morris about their families’ descendents, the left and the right screen slightly showing a body figure of Quincy Morris and John Morris with their ultimate whips for just a few seconds.)

Elder Jonathan Morris: Julius…Indeed they were…

Julius Belmont: By the way, looks like they’ve disappeared for now. Let’s go. We shall talk about this soon right after we finish this mission once and for all.

Elder Jonathan Morris: You are right. Let’s go!

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Right!...Speaking of which, Soma looks really pale over there. I hope he’s doing fine.

Julius Belmont: Soma, are you OK?

Evil Soma Cruz: Hehehehehe.

Julius Belmont, Old Jonathan Morris and Old Charlotte Aulin: SOMA!

Evil Soma Cruz: HAHAHAHA! SHADOW! YOU really call me out to show you my REAL POWER didn’t you. Alright then. I can’t wait to CRUSH YOUR FACE LIKE HOW I DID TO DEATH! HAHAHAHA!... *Soma turns around and stare upon Julius, Old
Jonathan and Old Charlotte with his evil eyes.* Let’s go everyone. We still have unfinished business to do. Mina, wait for me. I’m on my way to save you right now.

Elder Charlotte Aulin: Glad that Soma can be able to control himself.

Elder Jonathan Morris: Unlike the other day…

Julius Belmont: Soma, finally you can be able to control yourself. I’m really glad.

Evil Soma Cruz: HMPH! Enough talking. Let’s go.

As a traditional culture of Castlevania’s very own gameplay, Soma, Julius Jonathan and Charlotte are continuously exploring the Castle together as usual, right after they met “The Divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires” in an “Abandon Church” in a while ago. This time, they will be heading to a place called “Underground Aqueduct” which leads them to the path of saving one their bestfriends, Mina and it is the only way to go through it. Some new monsters and some new demons appear in this game that would place it in the “Enemy Lists” once you destroy them, of course. Some new enemies names in this area of “Underground Aqueduct” would be “Mermaid”, “Merman Warrior” (A skeleton fish with human figure and with yellow fish eyes that wields a sword and a shield), “Merman Eternal” (A skeleton fish with human figure and with yellow fish eyes that wields a large broad sword and large shield which kind of annoying to fight with. He is slow, but deadly with high moderately damage on the player.), and “Skull Jellyfish” (A colorful jellyfish with a single skull inside the head of the jellyfish. Of course, once the player touches it, it is very poisonous, really.) At the same time, some old enemies from Castlevania games from the past that always located inside the Aqueduct such as “Merman”, “Melty Zombie” and “Slime” are also appears in “Underground Aqueduct” as well. As Soma, Julius, Elder Jonathan and Elder Charlotte fighting all the demons throughout the “Underground Aqueduct”, they reach to the destination where they have no choice but to fight with the new Boss in this stage before they actually reach to the actual destination. This time, the boss for this area will be the return of the old Boss battle, which was once fought with the legendary Richter Belmont and Alucard, HYDRA! This time, Hydra will have a huge amount of large snakes around itself. It is kind of hard to fight with and kind of annoying too, where the player have no choice but to jump from one platform, to another 2nd platform, to another 3rd platform, to another 4th platform and so on until the player actually really manage to attack the main weak point at the heart of the Hydra. It’s really huge. In case you might never know what Hydra is, you can check it out in one of the bosses in Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles but this time, as I’ve mention earlier, this type of Hydra would be more stronger than it use to be and have more large snakes around it.
After the decisive battle against Hydra, Soma, Julius, Old Jonathan and Old Charlotte continue their journey and exploring throughout the Castle and find one of their bestfriends, Mina. The screen goes off slowly and here comes the dialogue conversation scene between Olrox and the divisions of the 7 Immortal Vampires in a dark luxurious place with a grand chandelier on top of the ceiling.

King Olrox: *Olrox staring outside of the window while he’s having a conversation with his comrades.* Have you finish your job as I told you to do so?

Virex: Yes, my Master Olrox. We’ve introduced them for who we are. Don’t worry, keep it cool.

Maximo: Hah! I can’t wait to show them about the true power of my ultimate fist! *Maximo decided to show some of his move for a short period of time.* WATA! WATATA! WATATATATATA! WOOU! (This is very similar to one of Bruce Lee’s move).

Chibi: But Master, I wonder what’s the point for us to introducing them anyway? I thought you give us an order to kill them immediately. They are strangers. *Chibi responded in a kind way*

Zamelia: She’s right my Master. We can’t let them live that longer anymore! WHY CAN’T WE JUST KILL THEM RIGHT NOW! I CAN’T STAND TO SEE THEM ALIVE! WHAT KIND OF ORDER WAS THAT AFTER ALL?!

Chibi *Hiks*….

Virex: *Virex turns his head and stare upon Zamelia* Hey Zamelia, you really dare to raise your voice upon our Master huh? Wow, I’m impressed. *Virex responded in a sarcasm way*

Zamelia: *Zamelia immediately showing her startled expression and apologies to her Master as she bow down upon her Master as well* F..FORGIVE ME……MY MASTER OLROX……PLEASE FORGIVE ME ABOUT MY BLUNDER!……*Zamelia is shaking as she about to cry because she is afraid that Olrox might kill her in a while later*.
King Olrox: *Olrox turns around and approach Zamelia as he walk slowly upon her*.

Abuwa: Oh oooooohhh~ The King of Immortal Vampire is comiiiinng~ Abuwa is scaaarred~ *continuing eating his chickens*

Zamelia: … *Zamelia still staring upon the reflection floor as she still bow down upon her Master*
King Olrox: Oh dear beautiful Zamelia…The Division No. 7 of the 7 Immortal Vampires…Look at me…

Zamelia: *Zamelia slowly looking up upon Olrox* Yes…M…Master?

King Olrox: *Olrox squat down and softly touch Zamelia’s chin and drag her chin up to look at the eyes of her Master.* Are you afraid of me my dear?

Zamelia: Y…Y…*gulp* Yes…I’m afraid…

King Olrox: Why are you afraid of me? I am your Master. I am the one who saved your life. Remember?

Zamelia:…Y…Yes…that’s true…

King Olrox: In what year I saved your miserable life?

Zamelia: In….1999….*sob*

King Olrox: Don’t cry my dear. Shed to tears because of me doesn’t worth your life not even a second. *Olrox use his right finger thumb to wipe Zamelia’s tears.* Don’t afraid of me. I am your savior. Now I ask you my dear. Are you ready to stand on your ground, and draw your sword to prepare the decisive battle against your enemy?

Zamelia: As…As always…My Master….

King Olrox: I know, you've been waiting for this ever since long time ago. I know, you are so eagerly to see the human’s blood to spill by your dear precious weapon. This is your time. This is your destiny.

Zamelia: Master…Olrox…

King Olrox: Hear my words my dear…I want YOU…to SHOW THEM…..what you HAVE!.... and SHOW THEM!....your true power…That’s an order by your Master. Now GO. Do NOT,
disappoint me. And Do NOT, failed me. Understand?

Zamelia: …Yes...My Master…*Zamelia responded in a fiercely way as she look upon her Master’s eyes*

Shadow: HAH! Is this some kind of LOVE?!

Maximo: Geez! You are the first one who go?? *sigh* Very well then. Good luck Zamelia!

Chibi: *giggle* Good Luck Sister Zamelia! All the best!

Virex: *Yawn* Do your best Zamelia. Now I’m going to get some sleep.

Abuwa: Abuwa wishing you luuucckk~

Zamelia: hehehehe…Hahahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHA! FINALLY! NOW IT’S MY TURN TO SHOW THEM WHAT I HAVE! *Zamelia’s eyes literally turns into a red color* *Evil Laugh*

Virex: By the way Master, do you believe that her power can be able to destroy them?

King Olrox: *Olrox stand up* Don’t worry Virex. I believe, she will be able to return back to us.

King Olrox: (Olrox pondering himself as he look up on the ceiling) Brother…Can you hear me from above?...Hear my words, Brother. I shall not forgive for the ones who murdered you and the humanity as always. It’s time for me to make my move to destroy EVERYTHING in this world. THAT is one of my ultimate wishes.

End of Chapter 4.

*New ‘Gallery’ has been unlocked in the main menu.*
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