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Created logo of a King mainly for fictional teams in the NCAA teambuilder world of fictional teams.

This logo is a mashup logo based on the king hat and the eye (I took from other google images). This is before I knew the rules and regs of logo designing, laws, artist etiquette etc. I'm keeping this logo here to call myself out and because people seem to like it. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE LOGO. If you want it for yourself to take claim that is fine by me. Don't get in trouble though, because again this is the likeness of other logos. Again I designed (mashed-up) this for NCAA teambuilder to quickly create a team. Today I see many other folks do this and I don't like it, but again I am call myself out to show that this is a no-no. DON'T do this logo designers HAHA! You have been warned  (May 9, 2017 Update).

This is my full version of this logo updated with 100% of my design work:…
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