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All Loyalists Space Marine Chapters
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Published: January 9, 2014
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All Officialized Loyalists Space Marine Chapters
(485 Chapters)

MAJ 1: moving Omega marines and Soul Drinkers to Successors of Unknown

MAJ 2: add infos from 7th codex of spaces marines

MAJ 3: Big add !! (2018)

MAJ 4: change the Fists exemplars place

MAJ 5: maj of evry chapters
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Why don't the salamanders chapter have very many successor chapters?
RocRolDis's avatar
Since The Horus Heresy, they've been chronically below standard numbers.  At least once, they were so under-manned that they had to fight politically just to keep from being disbanded.
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wojti2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I now have an urge to buy some Primaris and paint them as one of the most obscure chapters of Marines.
SpectorKnight's avatar
Amazing compilation!
MadGeneral's avatar
Great work! Thank you very much!

I found an error though, because I just read the article regarding the Fists Exemplar: They are a successor of the Imperial Fists, not the Ultramarines as currently stated in the picture (right at the bottom, without a colour pattern).
TheVikingEngebret's avatar
think you can do the traitor chapters too?
PiousLegate's avatar
man... is there a list of all the chapter names this seems so daunting 
GMQUilmataalpha's avatar
GMQUilmataalphaHobbyist Writer
is it wrong that i want to draw every single one of these guys in a more Fantasy then Sci-fi setting?
Cause it would be cool to re-imagine both the armor and designs in a fantasy setting
(Besides some groups really could do with more unique armor)
morion87's avatar
Of course if we tried for all 1,000, or so, Chapters. Deviantart might blow up from the size.
munchBenjamin's avatar
I know Space Wolves don't enjoy following the this the reason why they don't have a truly known successor chapter ?..or am I missing something

(sorry still new in Warhammer 40k)
djnnayt's avatar
djnnaytHobbyist Traditional Artist
you'r right, they d'ont follow the codex, it's probably for that they don't have successor
munchBenjamin's avatar
ikr anyway this is so helpful...really great work thanks man
L498's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic, very helpful and I'm very thankful you made it... One thing: I couldn't find anything to back up the "Emperor's Tears" existence. Did you have that one corroborated?
djnnayt's avatar
djnnaytHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the com'
for Emperor's Tears __the lexicanum:…
Gamiel's avatar

Where is it stated that 'Emperor's Shadows' are Iron Hands successors?
djnnayt's avatar
djnnaytHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks you, it's change !
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FanaticFrancisHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Fr0st8iteStudent Filmographer
Hey, just to let you know - I am a new player and was really upset when I found out, that only Space marines are covered well enough. I'll help you out and make one of these for Tau! Let's get all this stuff organized so we can paint as it should be painted!
Gromxxar's avatar
No Carcharodons?
djnnayt's avatar
djnnaytHobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at raven guard descendent ;)
Vengeance445's avatar
There any chance you could do one for chaos? This is quite honestly the best chapter guide i've seen (my one and only criticism is that the raptor color scheme is their old one). The servants of the dark gods deserve some love too
djnnayt's avatar
djnnaytHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's take lots of time to made this, but soon i can start the chaos chapter chart ;)
Vengeance445's avatar
That's good to hear!
G0atboy's avatar
Do one for Chaos please
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