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Color of My Eyes - Windows

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Color of My Eyes
I wanted to make a wallpaper pack based on particles for a while. Well, finally did. My only condition is that if you download, please favorite it, just to show support. Thanks. Well, here ya go!
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Great pack, I need to make a new desktop now :)
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Very beautiful wallpapers! :)
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thanx so much *.~
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it's awesome! :D love it! <|3
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the one with a lot of fucking particles looks really nice:D
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hahaha nice comment
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Your background was so pretty, it was perfect for an image I was making. You can view it here: [link]
I credited you and linked back to this page, I hope you don't mind I used it.
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This is really nice. Using Now. Thanks:D
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Great Wallpapers!
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o my god~ very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love them....
I love colors, *thumbs up*
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Thanks for sharing these, they're great.

I am curious why you haven't addressed the issue posed in a few of these responses. I too can't access the last wp because of the "?" in the file name. If the question mark was removed, nobody would receive this error.

Thanks again, I really like your work, just wish I could access all of the images.
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really good job on these, :fav:
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great job on these! :+fav: :)
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nice and simple, the way i like it xP
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I really really like them! :)
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Downloads: 9,285
Favs: 215

people just don't listen do they :P
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Just LOVE ittttttt... Thanks for making
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nice~~thanks for share
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(: I've been looking for beautiful widescreen wallpapers, so I was pretty excited to stumble upon yours.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I'm using one right now. :+fav:
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