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Suikoden III Sgt. Joe

By djmidori
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A fanart requested by a friend ^_^
This is Sgt. Joe from GensoSuikoden III...but I prefer to call him Jordi. Sounds cute XD

I got lazy with the background in the end so I just left it as it is :P

Duckies are hard...but I had fun XD

Done with CG Illust
Wallpaper version here
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wow~ that's soo pretty n_n I love Sgt. Joe hehe~
love the colors they all blend so well :)
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Wow. Just... wow! One of the best fan arts I've seen.
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Sgt. Joe is such a lovely character, he never keeps his beak shut and that's what makes him so great <3
Love the drawing, the light looks so cool :D
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YAY!!!! I love how you drew him n___n you gave this old duck justice =D Love the game <3
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Usually, I would prefer calling Sgt. Jordi a "Bishou-duck".
:dance: :dance: :dance:
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this is one of my favorite mangas, and the duck are so funny :D great job making him look duck/human balanced.
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I only played the first 2 games of the series so never saw this character. Looking at your drawing immediately reminded me of Howard the Duck:
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I really love those colours ^ ^
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great job, nice detail, awsome lighting/shading :w00t:
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That is very good! You make Joe look so real!
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omg O_O..thats sooooo good.
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I love this...Somehow..IS this your own charechter or is it for real...
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Nahh...I'm not that creative, especially when creating humanoid beings. He's from Konami's RPG, Suikoden III :)
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Awwwwwwwwwwww, still is awsome, hey u remember me?? I'm Lina-San except in a different user, well I'm trying to get new members for my Yuber Fan Club, hmmmm... so far it's not doing too good, but I won't give up, heehee come and join my friend

Come and Join The Yuber Fan Club!! yuber-fanclub
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Whoa, that's an awsome pic of Sgt. Joe, heehee *adds it to her faves* He kicks ass, come and see my gallery, I have loads of Suikoden III fan art *lol* anyway, that's a fantastic pic, it deserves to be faved :+favlove:


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sg. joe and those other two ducks were my fav. characters.
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Great job midori. Love the color! :P
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Sgt. Joe Rules! :w00t!:
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::bad memories of that howard the duck thing::

::cries and goes into fetal:: it's just me, humanish ducks creep me. but I will say the lighting and texture is great!
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GASP!... That's really good!... WOW!...

Duck Dodgers and the 24th and half centuuuuuurrrryy... O.O.. oops wrong thing... lol.. ;) j/k...
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Good heavens... those colors. You are very good at painting things, I'd love to see you go all out on a cel-style pic sometime ^_^.

I don't mind the simple background at all, it really bring Joe out to the front very effectively.
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