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Parasite Eve - Aya Brea

A late drawing I made on Christmas Day which is not even Christmas themed and it barely looks like her. :P
The solid stuff behind her is her....*ahem* spoilers!! XD HINT HINT Her last spell in the first game!!

Drawn with Painter 6 and retouched with effects in Photoshop7 with loverly Intuos3
Aya Brea, Parasite Eve (C) Square-Enix
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Great Aya art, amazing.
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I like it... But... yeah, what ~ifrit-kun said...
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What makes her not look like the real aya is her nose and her defining lips, she looks alot more asian than what you portraited, very well done regardless <3
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MY GOD, everybody including Terra seems like enjoying Intuos3 nowadays!! (>.<;) Need to get one quick!!

I really love the shades. The backlight is super, and Aya is gorgeous in your own style. Guess you've been upgrading your skill lately huh? (^^)
djmidori's avatar
wahahaha!! *hugs her Intuos3*

Haven't been drawing lately actually, but I feel like I've lost my touch a bit ^_^;;