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Task Force Twilight 03


The Task Force Assembles in "Task Force Twilight" #3!

With Jason Knight dead, it's up to Cardinal Syn to step up and use Jason's notes and resources and assemble the task force.  But who will step up?

Meanwhile, the corrupt police officers are also taking advantage of Jason's absence by going after another hero.  Who else will suffer at the hands of the Blue Dogs?

Please use the DOWNLOAD feature as dA's PDF viewer is not reliable.

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[Game: City of Heroes]
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If City of Heroes was still up, I'd be all but demanding an Architect mission of this. The idea of corrupt Paragon cops never even occurred to me!

It's good to see people who still remember. City of Heroes was something special.
djmatt2's avatar
Thanks.  It's not easy bringing these stories together given the resources I have to work with, but, yeah, the City is still worth remembering. 

And I hope you'll like Issue 4 when it goes online at the end of the month. 
LoZCollector's avatar
If we're really, really lucky, then we might yet be able to hope for CoH yet. There's a group called the Super Entity Game Server who are trying to put the base code back together, one line at a time, for free. They're currently on version 0.5

Never stop hoping, right? So long as we keep that flame alive, City of Heroes never dies.
djmatt2's avatar
Truth.  AP33.
LoZCollector's avatar
God bless Homecoming, I'm so glad to finally be back. I'm home again. Can't stop to chat; Paragon City needs its heroes!