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Battle of the Jens

Two glamour models that have only have their first names and the magazine that discovered them in common. One is overly ambitious and vain. The other is down-to-earth and friendly. They each have a secret to their success, but only one of those secrets will bring down an industry!

Based on characters created in the City of Heroes and City of Villains MMO, with a special guest appearance by Sister Psyche.

Select "Download" to read the story (PDF File).

[Game: City of Heroes / City of Villains]
[Characters: Jen Glamour, J-Star, Sad Nice Guy]
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I finally got around to reading it. It's an interesting take on the commerical side of the superhero world. And while Jen Glamour was amusingly bitchy, I can see why she was the way she was (probably to keep people at bay). In a way I almost feel a little sad for her though it was her arrogance and insecurity that brought this upon her and I laughed when J-Star got all that media attention.

For some reason I could see Jen's cellmate as an adoring sidekick kinda like the Harleyquinn to Jen's Joker. But with butt-kissing instead of love.
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Thanks. :) Hmm... I could see how her cellmate would want to be a sidekick. Maybe that can be arranged.
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The cellmate could be called Glamette.
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And so she is... [link]