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my second video is up. its a 20 something second video where spiderman fights carnage. made it to practice fight choreography. check it out if you want to :)
i just uploaded my first sfm animation here:
check it out if you want. :D
Hey this is just an update
Ive been really busy lately with school, work, life, etc so i havent posted in a while
Im just letting you all know that everythings alright and i intend to continue to post, just not everyday like i was before
As of right now (february 22 2016) i will not be doing any more requests but will instead be moving on to commissions (i will release a journal when i have it firgured out)
I am getting overwhelmed and end up not being happy with my work
I will be finishing any request already given to me but after that i will be focusing on bettering my work so i can make art that i enjoy and that i am proud of.
If you are watching me or just stopping in for a visit I'd like to inform you I would gladly take recomendations (if not offensive) because im trying to develop a style and this may help me