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Should be doing HW but derp :/

Name: Jessie Jay (pen name), Markles by my good friend Aylin, and Freklez by her and one other person (not really used as much anymore).
Starsign: Pisces
Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4 - 6 (mainly 4) 
Lucky number(s): 2 or anything with a 2 in it (mainly all numbers of 2s)

Last thing i googled: Antisepticeye x child reader :3
When i started this account: February 19, 2017
Amount of watchers: 1 (such a newbie!!!)
What do i post: anything that pops into my head.

Do i run any more blogs: Nope. 
Do i get a lot of comment: Not really. As said before, pretty new.
Why did i chose this username: Because name has grown on me and I like it. :3

I tag anyone who comes across this and wants to do it :3
I tag anyone who comes across this journal and decides to do it :3

Jessie Jay (pen name)

Star sign:

Average hours of sleep:
4-6 hours of sleep. Mainly 4 and possibly lower. I have a REALLY messed up sleep schedule.

Lucky number:
2 (Main) because favorite number and any number with a 2 really X3

Last thing I googled:
I'm not actually sure >w< Probably an Antisepticeye x Child Reader fanfic .3. 

When I started this account:
February 19, 2017 (I'm a newbie!!!! ... Not really .3. but yeah)

Amount of watchers: 
1 *o* (My Very First Watcher!!!)

What do I post:
Any random drawings I'd love to do. So pretty much anything that comes to my head X3

Do I run any more blogs: 
Nope .3. I'd probably forget I had it.

Do I get a lot of comments:
I'm new so .3. not really. I have a few saying welcome to DA and thanks for faves :3

Why did I choose this username:
When I was with my ex he loved cats and he did DJ and 2 is my favorite number. So DJKittyCat2 was born. Would change it, but the name has grown on me.

And that is all! Should be doing HW :3
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