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Jotata Bio

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   He's so dang jolly!
   Name: Jotata Gaddeus Zooks
Human Name: Joseph Gaddeus Zooks
Name Meaning:/
Name Origin: It sounded funny.
Nicknames: Jots, Jos, Bro, That One Guy With The Pony Tail

Birthdate: 01-01-xxxx
Height: 60cm
Weight: 7.5 kg

Age: 42
Age Appearance: 40ish
Gender: M
Gender Appearance: M
Physical Disabilities:/
Physical Build: Chubby, Bulky

Current Occupation: Works for the government, Is also a teacher
Past Occupations:/
Location: Keron
Lives With: Ravava, Jay, Farara, Ilu, Ben
Education Level:/

In-come: Pretty Good


Personality: Loud, Happy, Cheerful, Funny, Hyper, Childish etc
Mental Disabilities: Most likely has ADHD
Beliefs: Who gives a shit?
Mental Age: 6

Sanity: Questionable.
Outlook: Everything is wonderful
Social Level: Extremely High
Sense of Humor: Childish 
Tidiness: Not at all
Confidence: Over 9000

Sexuality: Straighter than a pole
Gender Mentality: Straight
Fashion Sense: Hawaiian Shirts. The End.

Hobbies: Teaching, Skating, Making snowmen, Running around in circles for indefinite amounts of times, Doing 'sciency stuffs', And doctoring
Fetishes: "Boobies"
Traumas: Was forced to perform a Lobotomy on his on sibling
Peeves: Narks, Empty fridges, Frying pans, Peter Pans, And work
Bad Habits: Over eating when upset or stressed, making messes unintentionally, appearing in random locations unknowingly
Annoyances: Work, Sleeping, And telemarketers
Pleasures: Food, Booze

Past Failures:/
Smallest Accomplishments:/
Biggest Accomplishments:/
Smallest Regrets:/
Biggest Regrets:/
Priorities: Help Dutata last 10 years before he kills himself
Life Goals:/

Addictions: Eating, Smoking, Drinking
Loves: Food, Children, Playing tag, Ice Cream, His Wife
Dislikes: Teachers, Assholes, 
Hates: Anyone who attacks him or his family
Fears: Being Alone
Phobias: Snakes

Catchphrase: 'Johoho'

Voice description: Low (a little deep) Fluctuates often when goofing around or trying to make funny voices


Diet: Everything+Beer
Meals Per Day: 3
Snacks Per Day: 7
Amount Eaten: A lot

Loves: Ice Cream, Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Hamburgers, Iced coffee, Doughnuts etc etc etc
Likes: etc etc etc etc
Dislikes: Cabbage
Hates: Cabbage

Favorite Flavors: All but Orange
Liked Flavors:/
Disliked Flavors: Orange
Hated Flavors:/

Favorite Meals: All
Hated Meals: None

Culinary Level: BAD. REALLY BAD.
Sense of Taste: Extremely Unknown


Pets: Jet the dog
Family: Ray, Ilu, Farara, Jay, Ben
Spouse: Ravava
Close Friends: Dutata (Twin Brother), Tododo (Father in law), Kiyoyo
Friends: Almost literally everyone


Professional Skills:/
Amateur Skills:/
Novice Skills:/
Absent Skills:/

Physical Powers: Super Strength 
Magical Powers: Ice
Elemental Types: Ice
Weapons: Bare hands
Special Skills:/

Immunities: Ice
Resistances: Water
Weaknesses: Fire


Relatively normal kid growing up with his twin brother Dutata.
When he was a teenager he focused more on finding a girlfriend than anything else.
Did pretty well in university for someone who did almost nothing but smoke pot in his room for several years. Sure pissed his roommate off with that. His roommate happening to be Dutata.
After college he found a girl friend (René) and spent most of his time and attention on her. 
He was offered a job that required him to move in order to accept. He left René and moved to his new job. 
He worked with his brother and mother at a lab for several years until he met another woman and married her. 
He got bored of his job and quit.
His wife left him because she was a bitch and took his money.
His step son got hit by a truck soon after the divorce and died. 
Later on, when he was low on money and quite depressed so he visited his brother down on earth and met Ray.
Not long after he proposed to her and got married one or two years later.
They adopted Ray's very little cousins for reasons im too lazy to write.
They had Jay a little while after.
Then they found/had (yes. That '/' is necessary) a fish girl they named Ilu
And shit is still happening that is too unnecessary to write in a biography. There really isn't much for me to type about here.
I'm tired.:coursework: 
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*le me reading* Oh, he seems like a cool character-

*sees "Dislikes: cabbage" * ... Welp, I guess he'd think I'm really friggin' weird *noms raw cabbage leaves like it was potato chips*. 
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Okay then, win-win xD