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I'm so excited! :D
Died at the age of 95. We will always remember you as the creator of Marvel Comics and Master of Cameos. RIP, Stan the Man. Excelsior! :(
This is my request for a Best Of video I want to be made.

My request is a Best Of Ms. Keane video from The Powerpuff Girls franchise. If anyone has the software and editing skills on creating an HD video of Ms. Keane from both the OG Powerpuff Girls show and the reboot, as well as The Powerpuff Girls Movie, I would greatly appreciate it. And please do not write in the comments saying you don't have the qualifications on doing this task. It's really annoying.
Rachel Hugs Tanis
With the OK K.O. Ghoul School special that came out a while ago, I thought of this idea up and saved it for Halloween.

Tanis was trying to scare someone this Halloween night, but got when she came across Rachel, she got a warm inviting hug from her and said a very kind comment towards her. Rachel, on the other hand, thinks she's hugging Ruby, when she clearly isn't.

Tanis-Scooby Doo and The Ghoul School and OK K.O.: Let's Be Hereos!
Art style-Me
Callie's Cosplay Part 2
Part 1:…

When Judy came back early for something, Callie got caught red handed, dressing up as her idol, Judy. Judy gives off a stern look at her, while Callie's cheeks blushes all red and gives off a large and awkward smile, as she leans slightly back and giggles nervously.

Judy and Callie-Me
Art style-Me
Callie's Cosplay Part 3
To Callie's surprise, instead of Judy shaming Callie for dressing up as her, Judy actually pulls in Callie for a loving shoulder hug. Congratulating her on her Halloween costume.

Judy and Callie-Me
Art style-Me
Even in the pages of comics, there's always a villain that will give you nightmares. Today, I will be counting down my pics for the top 10 scariest comic book supervillains. For this list, I'll be looking at the supervillains that terrified us for years to come.

10. Dormammu-Marvel
9. Mephisto-Marvel
8. Green Goblin-Marvel
7. Malbolgia and The Violator-Todd MacFarlane's Spawn Franchise
6. Parallax-DC Comics
5. Victor Zsasz-DC Comics
4. Scarecrow-DC Comics
3. Joker-DC Comics
2. Carnage-Marvel
1. Doomsday-DC Comics

Do you agree with my list? Which comic book super villain do YOU think is the scariest?
Time to scare the pants offa people, watch scary movies and down so much candy you'll be puking it all up by morning.
Happy Birthday, Saoirse! Part 2
After Ben came back with the cake cutter, he was completely baffled when he sees his own mother and sister, straight up devastated the Halloween Birthday cake he worked on with his mother.

Now, Saoirse and Bronach have been caught stuffing their adorable faces with cake, by Ben.

Bronach, Ben and Saoirse-Song Of The Sea
Art style-Me
Happy Birthday, Saoirse!
After doing some calculations, I've realized Saoirse, from Song Of The Sea, is born on October 30th. In the film, after Saoirse's birthday was over, Ben, her older brother, said tomorrow was Halloween, indicating Saoirse's Birthday was on October 30th. For proof, watch Song Of The Sea. I highly recommend it, for it an absolutely GORGEOUS film. You will love it.

Anyway, here we have Bronach visiting Ben and Saoirse, after her trip to the fairy world, for Saoirse's Birthday party.

Ben managed to fashioned an enormous cake with Halloween decor on it.

Ben tells both his mom and little sister to wait a minute, until he gets the cake cutter.

Let's find out what'll happen after this. :D

Bronach, Ben and Saoirse-Song Of The Sea
Art style-Me
Mario and Sonic
With Death Battle releasing it's 100th episode today, I've taken liberty to draw the combatants from the new episode, featuring 2 of videogamings most iconicly famous characters for decades, meeting eachother more than once, a ratchet between Mario and Sonic!

Art style-Me
Buff Pestilence
Here's Patty, as Pestilence, big and buff like Venom.

Art style-Me
With the new Venom movie finally out today, here's my latest entry. My OC, Patty, has bonded with the latest symbiote, Pestilence!

Over the past week, Patty has been hanging out with the Symbiote's, which consisted of Venom, Carnage and a very pregnant Scream(From here:… ). Her belly was really swollen and looks like she could give birth at any moment.

The 4 all met at an abandoned construction building and Scream slumps to one of the many unfinished the floors of the building, as she began doing labor breaths.

Patty questions to Venom if Scream's alright and Venom replies by asking her to help her out. Patty, being the naive child she is, goes over to the laboring Scream, unbeknownst to her, something sinister is being unfolded.

Patty reaches for Scream as they talk a little, with Scream asking Patty I'd she can rub her pregnant belly. Patty does so, as she feels her stomach move with, something inside. If felt nice at first, until what was inside Scream's belly grabbed Patty's and sucked her right into Scream's belly as the Symbiote's screech in victory.

Scream manages to get up on her feet, with her. Ellen oozing off of her body and dropping to the ground with an oozey thud.

Scream rejoins Venom and Carnage as they watch the mass Scream dropped, writhe and pulsate. A few moments went by as the mass begins taking shape, to form a small entity, changing purple and orange. This indicates that Patty's still alive, but as something... different.

The Symbiote's watch in awe as the small being stumbles for a short bit as it regains it's footing. This supposedly new Symbiote has it's eyes and mouth forming as it tries to speak. It utters it's words in Patty's Boston accident, with the Symbiote's distorted tone, stating how awesome it feels. All the Symbiote's, including the new, smaller one, roar into the night sky, welcoming their newest and youngest member of the Symbiotic gang, Pestilence!

Pestilence has the exact same powers and weaknesses as the other symbiotes, as well as altering her size and physique to that of Venom's. Giving her big muscles and a more intimidating height.

Art style-Me
Pregnant Scream
Here's a little something extra for the Venom movie coming out tomorrow.

This is something I've been working on this week and will unveil it by tomorrow.

So, here's pregnant Scream. Rub her belly, if you dare.

Art style-Me
With the Venom movie coming out tomorrow, here's my next entry for Venom week. Everyone's favorite female symbiote, Scream.

Little has been revealed about Donna Diego's early life. Donna had a history of psychotic episodes, but despite this she passed a background check and became a security guard for the Life Foundation. As part of their program to create a super-powered security force, the Life Foundation scientists kidnapped Venom. They removed his symbiote's "seeds," hatched them and merged the resulting creatures with five of their most skilled and trusted employees. One of those employees was Donna.

Scream is everyone's favorite female symbiote, including mine and I can pretty see why. She has gorgeously long hair, a smokin' hot body and even her human form's smokin' hot, too.

Scream's yet to appear in any Marvel cartoons, with her being hinted in appearing in the new Venom movie tomorrow. She only appears in the video games, such as Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage and Spider-Man: Unlimited. She even appeared as a ride attraction in "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" at Islands of Adventure, Universal Resort theme park, Orlando, Florida.

Art style-Me
I thought of this idea right off the bat.

The game begins with a girl at a party, buffet, etc. and she eats all this food(Be it, gassy foods, tons of drinks etc.) and gains a belly ache from eating too much, with her big belly making tons of noises, desperate for a belly rub. This is when a specialist, the player, gives her a very soothing belly rub as she makes arousal noises and even blushes. The objective is to keep rubbing her big belly until all the food is properly digested. It's kinda like a bomb defusing game, only the girl doesn't explode(Which I will never want), but will burp/fart loudly if one false move has been made and will result in a game over. If you really want her to go off, players can alternatively smack her belly or use it as a drum and she'll burp and/or fart at will, just for fun. Until the food is properly digested inside her big belly, she goes to sleep and you win the game. You can even listen in on her belly making loud noises, if you want as you continue to rub her belly.

Tell me what you guys think of my girl belly fetish game idea. If you think it could use some tweaks/modifications, I'm all ears to hear your own ideas.
Here's proof!:
This time for Venom week, here's Eddie Brock's ex-wife wearing the Venom symbiote, giving us the very first symbiote to ever bond with a female host and the first instance of a female Venom, AKA, She-Venom.

Anne Weying was Eddie Brock's ex-wife and a successful lawyer. Due to her close relation to his enemy, she assisted Spider-Man by sharing some of Eddie's history. When Spider-Man chased Venom into an amusement park and to find his parents, she followed. She confronted Eddie and managed to convince him to give up his vendetta. On another occasion, Sin-Eater shot Anne. To save her life, the alien symbiote temporarily bonded with her. She used her newly bonded being to attack her aggressors. Eddie saw her attack them and was afraid for and of her and compelled the symbiote back to him. 

Later, the police incarcerated Anne on a false charge, unrelated to Anne's rampage, in order to trap her husband, Venom. Anne used her one phone call to warn Eddie not to come. Venom promised that Eddie wouldn't and sent his symbiote through the phone lines to her. After it bonded with her she was able to free herself from prison.

Months later, Anne saw Spider-Man in an older black costume at a time when his regular red and blue suit had been stolen. She was still upset by the experience of bonding with the symbiote months earlier and unable to deal with the return of Eddie Brock into her life. This, coupled with Brock's transformation into Venom directly in front of her as he ran off to kill Spider-Man sent her over the edge, and she leapt from her high rise apartment to her death.

It's really tragic she committed suicide, though understandable, it's really sad to see her go, since she would've been a worthy adversary for Venom, as Eddie and Anne would be back together again. She will be missed.

Art style-Me
With Venom week continuing, here's Venom's son, Carnage.

When Cletus Kasady was a boy, his ENTIRE family was bat**** crazy. His father got sent to jail for killing he mother, which he did because she had tried to kill Cletus, which she did because Cletus had tortured and killed her dog, Fifi. And he also killed his grandma, cause she cherished the dog more than Cletus. Both the dog and his grandma where nuts, too.

With Cletus as an orphan, he was sent to an orphanage in which he burned down, cause why not.

When Cletus got older, he committed  11 murders and was finally arrested for it. But, while in prison, Cletus found out he wasn't alone. His cellmate happened to be Eddie Brock, who you already know as the ideal host of the Venom Symbiote. What Eddie didn't know, the Symbiote was carrying a spawn, as it is said Symbiotes are known to produce asexually. When Eddie became Venom, once again, the symbiote oozed out the spawn and found its way through Cletus's bloodstream, with a cut on his arm, thus becoming a more deranged and more violent version of Venom, more powerful than him and Spider-Man combined. They have now become, Carnage!

Carnage is the most violent supervillain ever created, with the Joker, from DC Comics, coming in second. They even did a crossover comic, where Carnage has proven he is more insane and blood thirsty than the Joker. You KNOW he's right when he says this, TO THE FREAKIN' Joker, telling him off like a boss. A little bit of trivia, Cletus Kasidy was based off the Joker.

Unlike Eddie Brock and his own Symbiote, Cletus and HIS symbiote barely disagree on anything, making them the perfect bond.

Art style-Me
Since Venom is coming out this Friday, I thought I'd draw my favorite symbiotes from Marvel Comics on each day this week until Friday, which will hold something completely different. So, starting off this week is the creature that started it all, Venom.

Eddie Brock was a photojournalist who worked at the Daily Bugle, the same newspaper company Peter Parker works at.

Upon getting his first story published, about a serial killer by the name of Sin Eater, Eddie was praised for his good work. Right up until Spider-Man caught the real Sin Eater. This publicly humiliated Eddie, going so far as him getting fired from the Bugle. It only got worse from there. His father disowned him, his wife left him, he had his apartment condemned and the cherry on top, he had cancer.

This ultimate bad day led Eddie to blame everything on Spider-Man, even praying to the almighty to kill him. A different type of destiny happened to Eddie, where unbeknownst to him, Spider-Man had bonded with a black suit creature, called a Symbiote and was desperate to get it off of him, as it caused him complete lunacy and murderous intent. Due to the fact, the Symbiote originally bonded with Deadpool.

He went to a church bell tower to get it off, as the Symbiote's weakness is sound. Spider-Man managed to get the suit off, but this caused him to go unconscious, with the Symbiote carrying him out and away from the loud ringing of the church bell, as it had a deep obsession with him.

With Spider-Man safe, the Symbiote crawled away, never to be seen again. Until, it found a new host in the exact same church Spider-Man was in. Who else, but Eddie Brock, who wanted Spider-Man to die, but got something better. Eddie was then bonded with the Symbiote and with their deep obsession and hatred with Spider-Man, now knowing his real identity is Peter Parker, with the Symbiote's help, as it knows its previous hosts and transfers the information into the current hosts mind, they became Venom!

Over the years, Venom has been a fan favorite to audiences, wanting him to become more of an anti-hero, than a villain and I can see why. He's my fave Spider-Man anti-hero. He's also been known as a lethal protector, for obvious reasons. He's even teamed up with Spider-Man, settling their differences aside, to fight off villains more powerful than the both of them combined.

Art style-Me


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