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Map of Equestria [MLP:FIM]

By djinn327
A map of Equestria, using the postapocalyptic Earth theory.
In the same setting, here's a map of Ponyville and here's a map of ancient dogfolk lands.
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You should add Michigan, preferably "Lancing"&"Detrot"
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Here's a less common one: trots creek "swartz creek"
I live in future Piebald (where do they get THAT from?)
guardmn's avatar
Where's the city of Los Pegesus?(Los Angeles)
ColorStreakPony's avatar
No Baltimare?!
natekiksace's avatar
where are the badlands?
AmericaTheHero1337's avatar
Is this based on the east coast? 
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Near where the two rivers meet, between the 'B' in "Province of Brindleton" and the edge of the Everfree Forrest, lies the city of Ponyonta.

Actually, it's Oneonta NY, my home town.
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This is still good. Hasbro should never had published an official map of Equestria. 
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where is baltimare?
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I am in Shire of Lancanter
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Is the Crystal Empire on here anywhere, I can't seem to find it.
This map is made before season 3
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Ah. Well, if it were on here, I'd expect it to be in the north somewhere off the map anyway.
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It almost looks like they live on the US/Canadian border.
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I like the idea that Equestria is New York, Washington and the surrounding land in the far, far, far flung future. It kind of makes sense, considering some of the landscape and general features.
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Apparently I live in future Stableton.
My friend, I humbly give you an internet for making working titles for Staten Island
Though, I must ask: Why is 1/3 to half of the island now under water?
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The sea level's risen about thirty feet here; no great reason for it other than it's the future.
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My hometown is a suburb of Fillydelphia.

I like the altered names shown....especially King-of-Prance, a play-on from the real-life name King of Prussia, Pennsylvania....very nice.
Let me get this strate, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is suppose to take place a few thousend years after humanity's demise? (because I stumbled across another map of Equestria, only it's in another dermention).
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Delaware becomes dogfolk. I can accept this. My hometown is right below Hollington according to this map. Or very close to that. Yay dogfolk.
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Sigh... I wish this map was canon, abeit parallel universe Earth instead of post-apocalyptic.
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and now it can be like TF2

the anti bronies will plan an invasion

the bronies will plan a defence

and the spectators (me included) shall sit back and enjoy the loss of life
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