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Colossus and Shadowcat

A more comic version of Colossus and Shadowcat from X-men evo! I did it once, I Felt like redoing the thing!!!....I drew that a couple of month ago, but just finnish the colors this morning.....

I love x-men............x-men is fun!

Colossus and Shadowcat belongs to Marvel!
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Kind of looks like the finale (I don't know if "finale" is the right word though, considering that the writers did plan on making at least one more season) where we got to see the future of the X-Men. Aside from Kitty wearing crop top. lol
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Yeah I inspired myself from the art that was released for the season that was never done
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What do you mean inspired yourself from the art?
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Colossus X Kitty Xad
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Kitty is so cute😊
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
You're welcome. :D
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colouses be like:dat butt doa
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I wish they were together 
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holy shit! the metal how did you do that! ~gosh i hate shading~
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I always you the vivid light brush option in photoshop.... it's magic!
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it seems so! you are very talented love! 
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Cool fanart of two of some of my favorite X-Men. Its a shame they never hooked up in the show.
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yeah!!! you're right!
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