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Estonia Shimeji-Complete



:iconestoniasparklesplz:I am absolutely elated to present to you my very first Shimeji: Estonia! He's finished now!

I have included within this folder to download a Calm and Mischievous version, both including a version with sparkles and a version without. It's the English Enhanced version of the Shimeji program, so a .rar file isn't necessary.

Download is in the upper right of the screen below the site navigation bar.

I also included some extra image files in the sparkly version. some of the pictures seemed a bit "noisy" to me, so I made a version of them with a bit less going on in them. They are where the rest of the image files are, and you can tell them apart because they will have an "a" before the ".png." (Ex: shime7a.png). To replace the image (if you so wish), all you have to do is rename the files properly. For example, take shime7.png and rename it shime7b.png, then take shime7a.png and rename it shime7.png.
Also, it's worth noting, that the extra files in the same folder as the used images will not affect anything because none of them are included in the programming.

:iconyayestoniaplz:You can now watch Eesti roam around your desktop doing a variety of things including:
Call out for Latvia (only in the non-sparkly version)
Change into his casual clothes (it's "SitAndSpinHead" under Behaviors)
Suffer through withdrawals
Blog with his Ameri-mochi friend
Double his processing power
And more!

:iconestoniarapefaceplz:I'll admit it, I'm pretty happy with the result! I hope you have fun playing with him; I know I had fun making him! This is one of the rare things that I make that I can look at happily when I'm finished! I know I could have done better with some things, but I think he's fine.

I really had fun with this project! I think I might have a bit of a knack for some minor animations, or something. I think it's a pretty good bet that I'll be making more Shimejis in the future! I want to do one or two based off of the original Shimeji, just because of the flexibility of it.

I've decided I'll now be taking commissions for shimeji (or whatever)! Anyone have any ideas on how much you think something like this is worth? I have no clue. orz

If there's anything about him that really bothers you, or if there is any other problem with what I did, just let me know! I'll be glad to fix my errors and know what I did wrong for the future. Give me your honest opinion of what you think, I really do enjoy getting some criticism!

:iconlatviafailplz:NOTICE: There are some people who are having troubles with opening the program after unzipping it! I am unsure of the cause of the problem, but if you have the issue please, PLEASE, just tell me what you did while trying to open it and what you used to unzip the files with. I am just as eager to find a real solution to this problem as you are and I'm willing to help how I can.

Here is the wonderful Seborga that I used for a template: [link]

You can find the background here: [link]
The original artist of the background is here: [link]

Hetalia and all of its characters including Estonia, America-Mochi, and Latvia belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

The Shimeji program is from Group-Finity, and the original program was make by Yuki Yamada
© 2011 - 2023 djiinraidinnae
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