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Hallways of Thime

ISO dungeon map I made for the One Page Dungeon Contest 2011. Just found out it was a winning entry in the category "Best Map Art" :D
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Very Nice Map!!!!!

Hello~! i am Indie Game Developer. (1 man Made)

i am Making Mobile Dungeon Game.

How Can I Use This Map Image?

i hope to use this in my game. please~! :)

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See several different adventures developing from this picture
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thanks, glad it brings up some ideas :)
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Awesome! I would like to create Minecraft version of this. Would that be okay?
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sure, just craft! :)
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This is a great looking map. Well done.
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No surprise it won, it is very nice indeed :).
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your work is breath taking :O
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Extreme La  crap!!! This is amazing!
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Glad you like it! 
Thought you'd like to know that a UK LARP company appear to have grabbed this image and used it on the front page of their website.

[link] is the site in question. They've done a large amount of similar grabbing of images, though most of the other ones I've seen have been from D&D Monster Manuals or similar.
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hi, thanks for watching out for this and letting me know, really appreciated. The map itself can be used freely for non-commercial purposes but they should have mentioned the artist indeed. thanks!
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I love this map!

Looking forward for more, hopefully :)

Also I want to learn how to do ISO dungeon maps.
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