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Snow White as Shae

I picked Snow White to represent Shae for one simple reason - they both really seem to like the company of dwarves. 
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LOL, I love that pun and didn't think of it. 

Honestly, my first thought upon seeing the thumbnail was Myrcella (in the pink dress she last wore... RIP Princess Myrcella!!!! You deserved better!!), partly because of the dwarf thing since she seems to be one of the few family members that unconditionally loves Tyrion not because of his skills but simply because he's her uncle and he dotes on her (basically, we never really see her make an issue of him being a dwarf, to her Tyrion is a person, first and foremost). The other thing that could've made her a candidate was that Cersei is kind of a narcissistic parent while the Evil Queen wants to kill Snow out of narcissism. 

But, eh, just a theory. 
ahaha these match-ups are too perfect XD
i feel like Meg would make a better Shae
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oh, dear, Charming would be devastated
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Snow White has grown up some...I like it. ;) 
Gee, I wonder which lucky dwarf gets to be Tyrion...! :D
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I lol'ed too hard at the description XD
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The description comment made my day.
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oh man, I didn't even think of that one. love the logic behind it. X)
I thought Pocahontas would be Shae, but still not bad.

Can't wait to see if you decide to do the same with the guys of Disney/Westeros.
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I could see Pocahontas as Gilly, maybe. 
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your description comment cracked me up, it is brilliant! :heart:
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