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Mulan as Brienne of Tarth

I mean, come on - both Mulan and Brienne know what it's like to be warrior women in a man's world.
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Brienne of fucking Tarth
It totally fits! Especially considering their initial reasons for training to be warriors were their fathers. Brienne was her father's only child, so she felt the burden of responsibility to take on tasks for a male heir, the fact that she preferred them on top of her odd duck and the way others looked down on her makes her a perfect fit!
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visually totally different, but i agree that mulan is really the only choice for the character :)
ooohh thats so brilliant! -and now i havr to think about david tennant as the doctor but thats off-toptic! xD- i love it^^
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Only difference I can see: Mulan is a wee bit more attractive than Brienne, at least Brienne's book incarnation.
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This one you actually got spot on!
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<3 this one so much, her and Tiana/Reed are my favorites in this series!
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Lovely! The armor is nice indeed :3
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