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Merida as Ygritte

Both Merida and Ygritte are instantly recognizable for their balzing red hair (it's said that Ygritte is "kissed by fire") and both certainly know how to handle a bow and arrow.
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Oh God, Merida as Ygritte! Simply perfect! She even has the red-hair (messed and curly) and the greenish blue eyes! Amazing and the clothes sure suit her
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I Think Kind Of Look Like The Girl From "The Golden Compass" Because Of The Coat And Stuff
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"Y'know nothin', Jon Snow."
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Yeah, man, a few of them are freakishly perfect...that being one of them. 8-X
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I have seen a video recently posted with Merida as Ygritte.…
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This match up is so dead on perfect that its spooky!"
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this is sooo cool! :iconloveloveplz:
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Funny! I actually made a couple of videos with Merida as Yggrite. I will post them on Youtube soon. I might now post my fan-made character Elthibar as Jon Snow since in my fan fictions he is Merida's love interest.
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Very spot on! They have the same accent!
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No they don't, Merida has a Scottish accent, and Ygritte has a Northern England accent, maybe Yorkshire. 
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Yes but in real life, Rose Leslie is Scottish so she can be a live Merida if Disney and Pixar discover her GOT scenes!
neither ygritte or rose have scottish accents. rose is scottish but is also super posh and therefore has an RP (basically very posh english) accent.
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Oh, I thought you meant the character of Ygritte had a Scottish accent. She would be good in a live adaptation of Brave, her and Merida are both so fearless :)
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:nod: When I saw Jessica Chastain's Merida photos for the Disney Parks promos, I thought Rose would have posed as the character perfectly!
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