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Jasmine as Ellaria Sand

Those watching the HBO show have not yet met Ellaria Sand, but as a book reader myself, it made too much sense to cast Jasmine as a lady of Dorne, the sandy, vaguely Arabic/moorish kingdom in the south of Westeros. Ellaria is making her debut in the coming season (played by the awesome Indira Varma from ROME, another great show), so I based this costume design on the couple teasers/leaked photos in which the character has been featured.
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As others have said Jasmine would be a good version of Arianne Martell than of Ellaria.
I kind of agree that she makes a much better Arianne Martell. Even if we ignore the evil clone who is merely pretending to be Ellaria in the TV series (THAT'S NOT HER!!!), Jasmine is a little too rebellious to be politically restrained and wise book!Ellaria. 

She fits better with rebellious princess willing to do her own thing Arianne Martell. Oh well, since the producers wrote out my girl Arianne (GRRRRRRR), that just means we can pretend this is Arianne instead since she's wearing Martell's burnt orange House colors :) 
this is cool but i actually think arianne would suit her better! both flirty, sneaky, fiery and determined.
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I don't watch GoT, but Jasmines my favorite princess and I love her outfit!
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great rendition but I think Jasmine should be Arianne Martell :D
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I think that she should be Shae x'D
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ya that works as well
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Awesome! I like this costume on her better than her regular one.
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