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Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) as Cersei Lannister

Decided to dress Aurora up as the scheming, incestuous Lannister lady that everyone loves to hate. While the choice was mainly aesthetic (Aurora being the only Disney Princess with Cersei's iconic long, golden locks) I figure all the wine Cersei seems to be drinking probably makes her a little sleepy at times...
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The first time I saw this, I started clapping and cheering. In the really corny direct-to-dvd vids, Aurora is shown handling politics - by selfishly using others' abilities, sound familiar? 
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really nice one :) Llama jump  
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She's perfect as Cersei. They both share the same looks. 
Why do people have Aurora as Cersei? The Queen from Snow White would be more suitable and like her.
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I knew cersei looks like aurora!!!
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Aww, haha, poor Rory...but somebody's gotta be her, and you do suit her best...and you make a really pretty Cersei! :}
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; A ; I had a feeling she would be casted as either a mean lady or one that everyone hates TTwTT *le sob*
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These are great! You should do a set for the princes as well!
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Hahaha, perfect match!
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