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Moon Dance

Stock used; I love FaeStock best thing since grits and eggs or peanut-butter and jelly, and to the other stock artist thanks, without them I wouldn't be able to even come up with a design concept that I like because I believe everyone is an artist in their own way!!

stock: memento_by_faestock-d5twuf7.jpg

stock: Premade_background_11_by_flina.jpg

stock: mossy_log_stock_05_by_malleni_stock-d7ac282.jpg

stock: Clouds; Depositphotos

note: I don't have the exact link but these are some famous photographers as far as I'm concerned on DeviantArt and I give their credit on helping me fulfill my concept. Their names are in the tag!

This is not completed still have some ways to go before completed, working on the hair, and still need to get lighting and shading. Please comment good or bad, love suggestions and critiques
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The only real mistake that I see is the is not really touching the ground quite right. However it just makes the work have an added ethereal feel. You might want to add some exotic flowers like tiger lilies or a bright flower like a blue rose. I do really like the overall texture and colour scheme. She looks like she is hopeful that someone she loves will return....maybe you could write a short poem and script it into her dress, that would be unique but definitely challenging. Just a thought....hey would you check out my artwork and critique it in the comments. Any one of my pieces...
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