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Inverter Remastered cursors by DJDavid98 Inverter Remastered cursors by DJDavid98
A minimalist cursor pack that adapts to what's underneath your cursor by inverting its own colors. Keep away from grey backgrounds, especially #808080 and its neighborhood.

If any of my older watchers are still around they may remember Inverter cursors, a cursor pack I made back in 2011. Man, that was ages ago…
Believe it or not, I have been using said cursor pack on all my PCs ever since, and changing to it has always been the first thing I did after a clean install.
With this much use over the years I've found a couple flaws in the set that have grown on me, and today I decided to do my beloved pack justice and make some adjustments to improve the overall experience.

Here's what's changed:
:bulletgreen: Help cursor: Removed question mark and moved text out of the way to avoid blocking the view from tooltips
:bulletgreen: Working cursor: Made animation of mini loading indicator smoother & more consistent
:bulletgreen: Busy cursor: Made animation of loading indicator smoother & more consistent, made it 1px wider & moved hotspot to center
:bulletgreen: Text cursor: Moved the blinking caret 1px to the right and made it slightly bigger than the "text" text
:bulletgreen: Not allowed cursor: Replaced old fading to "NO" animation with a new animation. The cursor now shrinks while its fill disappears, leaving only the outline behind
:bulletgreen: Alternate cursor: Removed the "ALT" text to the right of the cursor

Download contains:
:bulletblack: 8 static cursor files (.cur)
:bulletblack: 7 animated cursor files (.ani)
:bulletblack: Quick installation file (.inf)
:bulletblack: Preview image

This pack is released under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

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August 25, 2017
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