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Gaia10 Cursors are FINALIZED 2

I AM NOT OWNING THIS WORK AT ALL! Original Gaia10 Cursors made by ~novoo: [link]

The Gaia 10 cursor set is now finalized!

Added the 5 missing icons:

:bulletwhite:Vertical resize
:bulletyellow:Horizontal resize
:bulletorange:Diagonal Resize 1
:bulletred:Diagonal Resize 2

Corrected Install.inf file
Corrected Hotspots
Corrected Cursor names
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Great cursorpack! part 2?

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There is no part 2, at least not from me.

Whenever I click the download button, it tries to download an HTML and says "no file". What do I do?

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Use a different browser. If you disabled cookies, that will also break the download.

nice cursor set, thank u admin!

Is such a solid smooth and great looking cursor. TQVM.

Good One, thenkas

Thanks for such a beautiful cursor.

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Thank you for fixing this ^^

how exactly do you set them? Like, the whole theme at once......

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Right click install.inf and click "Install"

Beautiful///I love it

found it heheh
can't find download button
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it's very nice =) but where's link with all those cursors? O_O
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If you are looking for a download, then it's just below the "more like this" section on the right. Other than that, I have no idea what link you're talking about.
i really love it but can't find download button
can anyone tell me????????
oOGretaOo's avatar
ok =) anyway... thanks i like your cursors set =) (the name Gaia reminds me 1 website which is called =) )
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This is not mine, technically. I just added a few missing GFX.
oOGretaOo's avatar
ok =) now i've found that button XD (sry... i just sometimes don't notice those simple & sometimes small things XD)
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