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Gaia10 Cursors are FINALIZED 2

By DJDavid98
I AM NOT OWNING THIS WORK AT ALL! Original Gaia10 Cursors made by ~novoo: [link]

The Gaia 10 cursor set is now finalized!

Added the 5 missing icons:

:bulletwhite:Vertical resize
:bulletyellow:Horizontal resize
:bulletorange:Diagonal Resize 1
:bulletred:Diagonal Resize 2

Corrected Install.inf file
Corrected Hotspots
Corrected Cursor names
© 2011 - 2021 DJDavid98
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Good One, thenkas

Thanks for such a beautiful cursor.

ReenstheHedgehog's avatar

Thank you for fixing this ^^

how exactly do you set them? Like, the whole theme at once......

DJDavid98's avatar

Right click install.inf and click "Install"

Beautiful///I love it

found it heheh
can't find download button
oOGretaOo's avatar
it's very nice =) but where's link with all those cursors? O_O
DJDavid98's avatar
If you are looking for a download, then it's just below the "more like this" section on the right. Other than that, I have no idea what link you're talking about.
i really love it but can't find download button
can anyone tell me????????
oOGretaOo's avatar
ok =) anyway... thanks i like your cursors set =) (the name Gaia reminds me 1 website which is called =) )
DJDavid98's avatar
This is not mine, technically. I just added a few missing GFX.
oOGretaOo's avatar
ok =) now i've found that button XD (sry... i just sometimes don't notice those simple & sometimes small things XD)
Rain-Twister's avatar
I'm getting an Error where No.curi, which contains the "Unavailable" is missing or corrupt. Same with Link.ani which contains the "Link Select".
noahy2's avatar
don't worry of that
DJDavid98's avatar
The 2 mistypes were corrected, thanks for letting me know :)
Rain-Twister's avatar
Now there is no download button.
DJDavid98's avatar
Damn, I hate this new edit interface... Fixed, again.
Rain-Twister's avatar
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