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EQD Artist Training Ground VII - Day 1 Submission

I've been a lazy owner of a Wacom Intous Pen S tablet for well over 2 months by now, and this event was the spark I needed to finally put it to good use. Well, relatively good, I'm no expert as of yet ;P
This image took up my entire day to make and I'm barely making the deadline, it was definitely more work than I imagined. I'm hoping future images will be quicker to produce.
Huge thanks to Pirill-Poveniy and thediscorded for helping me to get around SAI and providing tips along the way, I really appreciate it ^^

Blog post:…

My other ATG VII images: {Day 1} {Day 3} {Day 4} {Day 5} {Day 7} {Day 12}
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Ayy, you're getting in on the ATG action! Awesome! I can't wait to see what you do next!
Great job by the way! That's a very cute rainbow dash!
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Wow! This is really really cool, considering you did it with a tablet! :D

I love the style you made her in! ^^

My sister has a Wacom tablet too! :aww:
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Thank you :)
Wacom tablets are pretty good IMO, I went with it after asking multiple artist friends on what they recommend, and this one was quite cheap as well.
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