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Taking a request (Closed)
To counter all the pranks and mischief everybody will endure today I decided to do something different. I will draw a safe rated flat color image for one lucky individual in my usual style. Pinkie promise. I'd like to give my watchers a chance to have a picture of their OC or a canon character of their choosing drawn in my style. To all of you who asked for a request before and got turned down, this is your chance. The only things you need to do to enter are: - be a watcher of mine (new watchers welcome as well) - comment below with the reference sheet of your OC + cutie mark (if any) or the name of a canon character - make sure your char
Artists, watch out for a Discord chameleon
I saw someone's post regarding a scammy commissioner today, and wanted to share my own story featuring an individual who failed to uphold their end of the deal when it came to paying for what they ordered. Below you'll find a stiched together version of the end of the conversation we had on Discord, and an image proof that I completed their commission (with a bit more aggressive watermarking than usual, since I'm sure they're going to see this journal). I unfriended them immediately after they linked "their" YouTube channel, which meant they couldn't message me anymore. On the date of the last few messages I received a friend request from a c
Can't stop, won't stop (commissioning people)
As is apparent by my profile picture at the time of me writing this (current avatars are credited in my profile box) I'm stopping my commissioning hiatus. Some people just have such beautiful art styles I'm left speechless and wanting to throw money at my screen. I realize that there's no point in not supporting the people whose work I enjoy looking at just because of one single person I've had issues with in the past. I'm going to start commissioning people again as my budget allows. I have a couple artist on my radar, more specifically 2, but I'll continue to be on the lookout. I'll mostly be basing my choices on the referrals I get from