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That's right, i tried to push it to finish in due time before college starts. Turns out i wasn't one day too soon, since next Monday i'm going to school.

Here's the episode menu for those who haven't caught up yet:

Don't forget to start with the supplementals, as they have important information about the comic and its setting, like reading direction and the days of the week.

~ ~ ~
I have to announce that with school around the corner, i won't be able to release episodes as quickly as i have up to this point [one episode every 11 days or so].
I'm thinking it'll become more like an episode per month, we'll see how my new schedule allows.

What did you guys think about the submission style? Is it nicer to have the chapter out all at once while it's done or you prefer a page a day?

What about the overall format of the comic? And the narrative?
Any likes? Dislikes? 

Let me know your thoughts, it's always a pleasure to hear your opinions.

~ ~ Update ~ ~

Made a group for the comic series if you want to join and contribute and basically have our own community


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Avatar: Reptile Crossing Sign by FantasyStockAvatars Avatar: Reptile Crossing Sign by FantasyStockAvatars

Where do i even start?

Name's DJ. Not really, but don't like the real name.
Anthro cartoon artist, mostly reptiles, but many more too

Entirely general artist, expect no suggestive or mature images from me. My SFW filter is always on.
I absolutely love feedback, especially comments. Also love chatting in general.

Hoping to make great friends on this website and have a fun time.

Also working on a comic series that you can check out here:…

FURSONA or MASCOT or AVATAR reference if you prefer
DJ ref 2018 by DJcroc2016

Twitter: DJcroc2016


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So remember that crack ship discussion we had? If I may say something i once had a crack ship with Cave Croc and Charlie.
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So they made Aztec Aliens on my favorite show Face Off last night, Just letting you know since you seem to like that stuff (I assume..)
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