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Abraham Lincoln Speed Paint

By DJCoulz
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He's the only politician who actually great but our current politics are a mess no-offense
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It's a very soft picture...

...while listening to the battle hymn of the Republic.
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O.o holly damn. Abe just jumped in amazement in his grave.
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So talented! How long does this speed painting take?
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I don't remember anymore. I think it was like 4-5 Hours.
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Absolutely beautiful. I love the character in his face and the color palette you used.
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reall nicely done
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were his ear's really that big ? 8D
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This is great for a speed painting!
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Thank you, your stuff is really fantastic to! I couldn't imagine doing the pictures you do. :)
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I am dumbstruck.... o o...
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You SPEED painted this!?! Holy artistic awesomeness!!!!!!! ;0 How in the world do you and others DO this fantastic work!????!!!!! I am completely in awe of you and your president paintings!!!! Unbelievably excellent work!!! I love the work you have done on each of them and am very glad you are having fu n with them and getting great feedback with them!!!! Yaaay for you!!!! :joy:

Keep the stress to a minimum, but if you're having a great time with all means...keep it up!!! :) Smething highly creative and educational too is a great thing!!! It keeps learning interesting. :)

My model and rare hand drawn pencil or painted work are sooooo snail slow in comparison to the work you and others are doing with the computer. I really need to get into that computer art area of things. I keep puttting my money and efforts into other areas.....such as a new 2011 Hyundai Sonata I just bought today to replace my 2004 Intrepid which was totalled in an accident I had 2 weeks ago ( No injuries to me or the other driver or his vehicle, just my Intrepid. Pickup bumpers and a low sitting , wedge shaped Intrepid front end don't mix). So...New car payment and new daughter money yet for computer or programs or Canon digital SLR cameras either for now........
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Amazing as always!
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You chose a much softer style for doing this than with Jackson. I do like it, but some details seem a little blurry or off to me, for example: his bow tie isn't very well defined. His left ear seems a bit displaced, but maybe Lincoln had a slightly deformed anatomy, not sure xD I like the colours, and the eyes seem quite good to me too. Maybe the highlights there should be just slightly softer.
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I purposely made the outside edges much blurrier than the face to give the picture more depth, and in each of these pictures I haven't put alot of details on the clothing. Remember, these are just speed paints, I spent only about 2 1/2 hours on this pic, so I wasn't going for a finished polished piece.
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I know, I am a beginning speedpainter myself. I was thinking you were changing your painting style slightly depending on the President's character (like: hard lines for tough as nails Jackson xD) Keep up the good work anyway :)
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I have to stop missing your streams.
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After watching Planet of Apes he looks so much like monkey to me |D but expect that, he's probably my favourite of your presidents. Maybe that's because that was the first that I knew as a kid :)
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ABE LINCOLN FOR THE WIN!!! seriously there is not enough fanart for this man, excellent, excellent work on this one, love it.
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He's the best-looking ugly man there ever was. ;)
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Draw more presidents with biographies :U
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